Solar Powered Case for iPhone 3G

I’m sure you will not deny that the new iPhone 3G is a batteries sucker. If like me, you spend quite some time every day surfing the web, emailing and calling from your phone, you probably end up with a dead batteries by mid-day.

To combat this power problem, Mobile Fun has just released a range of Solar Powered cases for the new iPhone 3G. As well as protecting your iPhone 3G from everyday knocks and scrapes these energy saving cases can charge your iPhone.

Built with 1500 mAh battery this can provide one full charge for your iPhone and will recharge itself through the solar panel mounted to the front of the case, or via Mini USB if you’re in a badly lit area. These solar chargers come in both black and white in genuine leather casing.

The solar case can provide enough charge for functional use in less than 3 hours, but it will take a full 10 hours to fill the battery. Maybe the thing to do is leave the case on the dashboard or window sill all day, then charge your phone up at night.

The case is slated for release in August in both black and white versions for around $54.