Why I will buy my iPhone at an ATT store

Unless you were away from this universe for a while, you probably know that the new iPhone 3G is coming out this Friday. There already are some insane fanatics camping in front of some Apple Stores a little bit everywhere (Japan, New Zeland, US, etc…).

My solution for getting an iPhone on Friday without having to wait in line for hours? Simple. I have already located a tiny AT&T store not too far from me. This store is buried somewhere in a little shopping center that no one ever goes to. There is no doubt that there won’t be any line at this store.

Yes, buying your iPhone at AT&T is not as glamorous as going to a trendy Apple store. But fuck that! I don’t care about having cool geeks around me. I just want the phone in as little time as possible.

If you decide to do the same, visit the AT&T store locator.