iPhone 2 to Be Sold “at Significantly Lower Prices”

200 dollar iphone

The Financial Times is not like TechCrunch. Usually, when they say something, the information has been verified and is not a vague rumor spread out for the buzz…

The Financial Times said yesterday night that:

The new version of the Apple iPhone is set to be sold at significantly lower prices than the existing one, in a tacit acknowledgement by the US technology company that its previous sales strategy was not sustainable. Apple has bowed to pressure from mobile phone operators and agreed they can subsidise the latest iPhone, expected to be unveiled by Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, on Monday.

A $200 dollar iPhone would sound really good to me. The only problem I would have with this is that anyone would have an iPhone. I like my iPhone because it’s something that not everybody can afford. Now if everyone and anyone owns one, I won’t feel different.