Last week, and following the iPhone performance throttling fiasco, Apple announced it would replace batteries of iPhone 6 and newer devices for a discounted $29. At the time, it was understood that to qualify for the battery replacement, your iPhone had to go through a battery diagnostic. That diagnostic would then dictate whether your battery was bad enough for Apple to replace it.

According to iGen which obtained an internal note from Apple on Tuesday, all Apple customers that request a battery replacement will get one, regardless of of the results of the battery diagnosis run on the device.

Prior to the policy change, a diagnostic would have to be run, and the battery had to hold 80% or less of its charge to be eligible for a replacement. Apple will now apparently replace any battery from qualifying devices without running that test.

Of course, this only applies to the same class of devices as before, specifically, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE.

With this move, Apple is obviously trying to do good by disgruntled users, a move that will likely play in the company’s favor in the dozen or so class action lawsuits that were brought forward last week.

The battery replacement has already started, and if you have one of these older devices and want a new battery, you can get in touch with Apple today to initiate the process.

Source: iGen

  • Ahmed Abaza

    Will they refuse to replace it if my device is jailbroken?

    • nonchalont

      So only iPhone 6 and newer? They won’t replace my 5s battery? And not the iPhone 7 Plus? Although my 7+ seems okay.

      • Rowan09

        The issue was only with 6-6S+ devices.

      • nonchalont

        Thanks for the response. That’s odd, it only affected the i6’s where performance was throttled? I misunderstood “throttlegate” (lol starting a thing) meant all phones with bad batteries were affected by this throttling.

      • iOS 10.2.1 introduced “throttling” to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE. iOS 11.2 introduced it to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus but it’s unlikely that phones that new will qualify for the lower prices in the battery replacement program (but you may still be under warranty depending on when you purchased it and if you got any extended warranty option).

        Also, just as a note (since some people here seem to be confused as to what Apple did), the “throttling” is actually about battery output more than CPU output. As your battery ages, or is subjected to very hot or cold conditions it’s ability to output high voltage spikes begins to diminish. Over time this means that the CPU can actually start to request more power than the battery is capable of providing causing the system to become unstable and shutting down. What Apple did is smooth out these power spikes by lowering the maximum amount the CPU can request during usage peaks in accordance with your battery health. This prevents your phone from shutting off, but it can have the unfortunate side effect of slowing down the CPU when it’s doing tasks that are particularly power hungry (such as running a benchmarking test).

      • Sai

        If you have a iPhone 5S I feel you. The phone has been insanely slow compared to when it was out of the box or with ios 10. Apple is still trynna force the 5S users to upgrade. Now im not saying that the throttling problem was done to the iphone 5S like it was with the effected devices. Im just saying that iOS 11 has slowed down the phone entirely. So I think replacing the batteries would help.

      • Jose Rivera

        All iPhone 6 and later models. I was quoted $29 on my iPhone 7 until they realized I had AppleCare+ on my phone.

    • burge

      You can argue that the device is out of warranty and you don’t have Apple care therefore you’re not violating any warranty on the device. You are paying Apple to exchange a part on the device and that part is was this exchange is all about.

    • askep3

      The replacement has nothing to do with your warranty

    • Rick Hart

      That’s my question too!?

      • Zencowboy007

        Just reboot (easy on 9.3.3) then re JB via the website “avalon studios – cydia repo” (I have bookmarked in safari) and easy.

  • What if I still on 10.3.1 and ask for the replacement battery? Does Apple have to replace it anyway? Heard of only iOS 11 has the problem.

    • You should be ok to upgrade.

      Throttling the CPU to save battery life was a concept introduced early last year in 10.2.1. It’s probably not as noticeable on iOS 10 as it is on iOS 11 as each OS puts more strain on your hardware as more complexity and features are added every year (which compound the perceived effects of throttling).

      • Thanks for the explanation. I guess I will go ask for the replacement since price is drop whole year. Never replace battery before and my battery at 87% according to battery life app on App Store.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    That’s great news! I’ll be looking to finally change the battery that is on my iPhone 6S Plus.

    Question: my iPhone 6S Plus is currently on iOS 10.3.3 because I personally prefer iOS 10 to iOS 11 and do not wish to update. Will Apple be able to replace the battery without touching my iOS version?

    • Typically the only time a repair would affect your software in any way is if Apple decides to give you a refurbished device instead. Considering that Apple probably isn’t going to be handing out new/refurbished iPhones for $29 I think you’re probably safe.

  • Rick Hart

    Anybody get a battery replacement on a jailbroken iPhone yet?

  • Ali

    Hey Sébastien, do you know how long this offer will be going for? I’d like to wait till my battery wears a bit more before getting it replaced. And also wondering (along with many others) if it’ll be a concern for my iPhone 6 Jailbroken on 9.0.2?

    • Juschan

      As i understood this is an offer for the next 11 months thats your timeframe to get it replaced a little cheaper than normal. It doesnt matter if the phone is Jailbroken but as throttling just starts with ios 10.x the might argue about you not beeing affected …

  • Spammy Man

    Went to Apple Genius Bar today, they did diagnostic (82%) on my iPhone 6+, gave me no hassle and ordered replacement battery which will take 2-4 weeks to come in. The repair will take 2-3 hours and requires me to remove my screen protector at that time. My iPhone is on 11.2.1. I sideload apps that I need and don’t really care about jailbreak at this time.

  • Bob Telio

    what about 7+