Last year, Apple expanded its recycling program to include the Apple Watch. Now a year later, Apple is offering Apple Store gift cards for qualifying trade-ins of the wearable.

As they do for other tech such as older iPhones, when you trade in your Apple Watch, you can get a gift card to use towards a new device.

Depending on the device, it appears right now you can earn $50-$175 for your old Apple Watch depending on which model, and the condition it is in.

An original, working 38mm aluminum Apple Watch will net you $50, and a working 42mm Series 2 stainless steel model will bring in $175.

The program is done through a partnership with BrightStar, who Apple has been working with since the program launched in 2013.

To recycle your tech, you fill out the questionnaire about your device, send it in, and once they confirm the appraisal, they will issue a gift card in the proper amount.

While it definitely has a convenience factor, you are probably better off trying to sell your device elsewhere to bring in a little bit more.

  • Patrick

    Imagine is apple did like a rewards card or loyalty card, food for thought lol


    They lowball you like crazy lol. SS Series 2 was like 400+ right? And the $175 is like mint condition

  • Matta Fakt

    Why if the devices have iCloud locks on them?

  • Ruck

    $75 for perfect condition SS apple watch series 1…. yeah thanks I will stick to ebay.

  • Anonymouse

    My comment on this wouldn’t be print worthy

  • Blip dude

    . . .