In a recent report for Studio Neat, Dan Provost details one of the advances Apple has made in the camera of the iPhone X. Before being able to detail the advancement that Apple has made, it is important that you first understand how the telephoto lens works on the Apple devices that sport them.

When you zoom in to 2X magnification on your iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X, your phone does not automatically switch to the telephoto lens in all low light situations. Instead, the device decides if there is a enough light in order to produce a quality image with the telephoto lens. If there is not enough light, the device will instead opt for a cropped version of an image from the wide angle lens. Inversely, if there is enough light then the device will go ahead and make use of the telephoto lens.

Provost reports that the telephoto lens of the iPhone X requires less light in these situations than the lens in the iPhone 7 Plus. After constructing a test environment, a test was carried out that measured the amount of light in lux required for each of the phones to switch over to the telephoto lens. The iPhone X switched over at 16 lux, far less that the 88 lux required by the iPhone 7 Plus. This approximately roughly 75% decrease is a testament to Apple’s hard work on these mobile cameras.

This is a significant advancement for an already stellar camera, and one that foreshadows great things with even more improvements in the future. For all of the details on Dan Provost’s low light test, check it out at Studio Neat.

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Source: Studio Neat

  • Stephen Hedger

    I had an iPhone X and sold it after a few days.

    The “wide angle lens” has never been wide angle. I have an LG g5 that has a 135 degree wide angle lens.

    The lens on the X is no “wider” than on my SE.

    The telephoto lens zoomed in by 2x. Wow. I pinched to zoom on m SE and took virtually the same picture.

    On my computer the images looked identical.

    £1000 for a phone that does nothing special any other phone could do is a joke.

    Sure, the low light capabilities were better than my SE but compared to my s8 or lgg5 the images on the X were no better.

    The only good thing about the iPhone X is the OS.

    • big Rafa


    • Emmanuel

      If it was only a few days, you could have returned the phone instead of selling it. The most you could pay is a restocking fee, which I reckon is less than what you lost by selling the phone.

      • Bacillus

        Haha restocking fee…
        So it gets sold as new again
        Stephen should charge Apple a waiting line reduction fee

      • Stephen Hedger

        I bought it from eBay (no returns) for £1275 and traded it into CEX for £1200.

    • Seems odd! I keep seeing videos on how the X beats all android phones in performance with its new A11 Fusion chip. The X has 3GB of ram and still wipes the floor against the S8 and most likely the S9. Only the Oneplus 5T comes close to the speed of the X and that phone has 8GB of ram!!!

      Are you sure you fully tested the device after a few days? My iPhone is getting delivered in a couple of days! Cant wait to see the new screen and FaceID system.

      • Stephen Hedger

        Yup. I already have the s8 and that phone does everything the X does but for less than half the price.

        I’m no android fanboy as my phone of choice is the SE.

        next to each other the s8 screen looked so much better than the X.

        I just could not justify spending £1000 on a phone that “only caught up” with android devices.


        I compared iPhone X and Note 8 displays
        iPhone X has an amazing display, way better (viewing angle, color accuracy, white point) and brighter than Note 8

      • Jack Wong

        I don’t mean to be attacking your comment.

        But better screen or bigger screen is not the key to make me switch from iOS to Andoird.

        It is more about the phone management and support, I have everyone in my family to use iOS, it is so much easier to make them know how to use it, with the iCloud storage sharing, I don’t even have to do backup manually for them or pay separate monthly bill.

      • Jack Wong

        Whenever it comes to price over performance/hardware, go with PC/Android.

        Apple is about the OS.

        If you want to make the best software, make your own hardware.


      All smartphones have wide angle lens for their cameras
      LG G5-G6 Is the only smartphone that has a wider angle lens

      iPhone X can zoom 10X, iPhone 8-7-6-SE can zoom only 5X, and 2X on iPhone X is optical zoom (thanks to the telephoto lens)