The craze of iPhone X launch day excitement is now behind us. Hopefully, you were able to get your device to activate in time to enjoy it on the same day. With the device now in the wild, I decided it would be a good time to get back to themed Wallpapers of the Week, instead of just throwing random iPhone X wallpapers against the wall–but I hope you enjoyed the iPhone X wallpaper packs! Getting back to the themes, I’m restarting with a crowd favorite: mountains.

Mountain wallpapers

Each image in the collection below, is large enough for all iPhone devices on the current market. The ratio of the images is specific to 16:9, the iPhone Plus sized devices. However, this guarantees it will fit on all current models, including the X.

The Wallpapers of the Week is enhanced by iDB readers! If you have a great wallpaper, whether you made it or not, please send it my way @jim_gresham. You should also follow along for mid-week downloads and updates on the world wide wallpaper news.

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  • João Almeida

    Waiting for someone get the official new live wallpapers of the iphone x

    • Demir

      Follow AR72014 on twitter ?

      • Juniors234

        Thanks i found him

  • Guy

    I’m more of a minimal wallpaper guy. So the last wallpaper was spot on for me

  • Chinch07

    Anyone have a really good quality forest / woods / tree wallpaper? I’ve been trying to find one for my X but having difficulty lol

  • CanadianEh

    I’d love a wallpaper with a blacked out line at the top to cover the notch

    • Fanboy 

      With which wallpaper? I’ll make it for you.