Among the interesting photos and closeup shots of the various internals from iFixit’s teardown of iPhone X are some cool images of Apple’s OLED phone next to the original iPhone.

The Apple smartphone has surely come a long way in ten years.

According to the analysis, even though it looks like something straight out of sci-fi, iPhone X actually resembles the original model except for that notch, camera bump, all-glass back and Lightning connector.

With the featureless smooth backplane, the iPhone X design has indeed cycled back a bit but the similarities with the original model don’t stop there. Its logic board, for example, is the first double-stacked board seen in an iPhone since the original model.

iPhone X’s stacked logic board, at left, and the original iPhone’s board (also stacked), at right

While the new phone borrows some design cues from the original model, I’d say that iPhone X is wrapped in a design that actually harkens back to the glass-sandwich look and feel of iPhone 4, especially with its stainless steel rim and the fusion of glass and metal.

Other highlights from the teardown analysis: iPhone X has 3GB of RAM, a two-cell battery and the most densely packed (stacked) logic board iFixit has ever seen in a gadget (it’s 70 percent of the size of the iPhone 8 Plus logic board).

Do this photos bring back fond memories of the original iPhone?

Chime in with your thoughts in the comments section down below!

  • 9to5Slavery

    They need to get rid of that bulky ugly camera bump.

    • triggerhappypunk

      they did… although it will cost you the price of a case.

      • 9to5Slavery

        ya lol

  • MaRz Franco

    Anyone having activation issues. It’s been 30mins and it keeps trying and sometimes saying servers are down

  • pnh

    “even though it looks like something straight out of sci-fi, iPhone X actually resembles the original model”. Yeah. They’re both rectangular.

    • Blip dude


  • burge

    So happy I chose the silver one. And this device is awesome

    • Wee Ymm

      U got yours already?

      • burge


      • Wee Ymm

        Lucky you. Mines is set to be delivered December 1st-8th. I’m praying it’ll get bumped up

      • burge
      • Wee Ymm

        Is the “notch” as annoying as advertised or overblown by people

      • StarShootex

        I didn’t manage to get one today; but honestly, after about 3 minutes just using a demo unit in the store, I forgot the notch even existed. In landscape it’s more apparent but it’s really not that big of a deal.

      • sshadowssin

        I’m less annoyed by this as I learn the new navigation methods. 9 years of homebutton action are hard to brush off in a few hours. I did spend some time watching a video in full screen which includes the notch. I found that a bit odd initially, but forgot about it after a few minutes.

      • burge
      • Furrnace

        Pre-ordered the space gray. Can’t wait. But mine’s not coming until Nov 17-24. Hope mine gets bumped up too.

  • The Zlatan

    How does one dare place the original master piece in the same photo as this device and have the audacity to call them similar..