Last week, we got one of our first looks of an iPhone X, courtesy of Brooke Amelia Peterson, who happens to be the daughter of an Apple employee. He worked as a radio frequency engineer on the iPhone X, and while Brooke was visiting last month, he gave her an early look at the device. She filmed it, and last week, shared that video on her YouTube channel.

As it turns out, Apple wasn’t especially pleased with this, and requested Brooke remove the video, which she did.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end there, as Apple has since fired her father for this breach.

While Brooke reasoned that many other bloggers had shown off the phone in countless videos, this isn’t really the issue at heart. Apple can’t set a precedent that it is fine for employees to show off pre-release devices, let alone have them filmed. Those devices also often contain confidential pieces of information that could easily be leaked through a haphazard video such as this.

Brooke broke the news of her father’s dismissal in another vlog she shared on her YouTube channel.

It isn’t likely that her dad is going to be getting his job back, though he seems likely to land on his feet. Brooke makes it clear that they are all doing fine, her dad will be ok, and they understand Apple’s position. He knows he broke his NDA and accepts the outcome, which seems like a positive take on the experience.

What do you guys think? Do you think Apple was right in firing her father, or should they consider giving him his job back? Sound off below.

  • Martin 

    I think that Apple had every right – more, duty – to do so. Corporate espionage or simply leaks are very dangerous. I know that some say that it was nothing and product was already announced. He broke NDA – end of discussion. Anyway – it is really surprising how apples security failed letting this girl take a big camera on campus and record everything she likes to – it could be as well some other apples employee paying, or playing with iPhone in front of her – total stranger – and be recorded. Moreover I think that her recording such post was one of the terms of agreement between Apple and her dad. Notice how she is encouraging all to obey NDAs, and how she “understands”, supports apples decision and how she’s going to buy Apple products anyway.

    • Satyam Panchal

      In that video she open note app and it accidentally leak some info about upcoming devices.

      • TheAvatarNice

        What exactly was leaked because of his note app? I looked at different reuploads of the original video on YouTube and you couldn’t read the titles of his notes in any of the videos because of the low resolution.

      • I don’t think there was any info like that. If there was, tech bloggers would be all over it. More so, no apple employee would be allowed to leave the building with or testing areas with devices that had such information on them. The iPhone X was already revealed and such, which is why I don’t think there was any info relating to unreleased apple products.

      • @TheAvatarNice:disqus @satyampanch:disqus The sign-in process for Apple employees was shown in the video.

      • Rowan09

        I did read the phone had info about unreleased products.

      • Satyam Panchal
  • Matt

    Honestly I saw this coming from a mile away. What do you expect from Apple when you break an NDA? They have all the right to do this, and they should. This is by no means comparable to the “hands on” reviews filmed at the event, which were allowed, or may I say intended for media coverage.

    Yes, it’s sad, but you gonna have to know when you have strict rules on you, you can’t break them. and if you will you’ll face consequences.

  • Technocrz!

    The most expensive few seconds iPhone X hands on, butI really appreciate the way they realized their mistake and admited it instead of creating Fuss

  • malhal

    I still really hope this is a viral marketing attempt in line with the awfulness of Apple’s buggy software and lack of Mac updates. If her dad really got fired, her Youtube account would be closed and we would never hear from her again and definitely not get this embarrassing lonelygirl15 style sob story video inaccurately placing the blame on her father. I’ll probably be following along because this show is way better than Planet App or CarPool. I bet the next video is about her taking responsibility.

    • Andrew O’Hara

      I think if he was fired, which he was, then Apple would no longer have control over his daughter, and she’d be making any video she’d like. They also wouldn’t have been able to force her to close her YouTube account.
      Everything seems pretty legit…

    • John

      You’re a funny man.

      Unintelligent, but funny.

  • Apple has absolitely rigth. Company secrets is very important thing and her father know about that. So, sad story but bussiness is bussiness… He’s smart and probably get another job in other company.

  • Jamessmooth

    I can’t understand for the life of me why on earth this guy let his daughter film the phone. What was he thinking?? Absolutely Apple was justified in firing him.

  • AngryDingo

    She doesn’t care one bit.

    “My video was going viral. There’s me. There’s Ellen. Let me go back. I was born in Southern California…” and I stopped watching right there.

    Self-absorbed idiot.

    • Int’l J

      Absolutely… Agree was proud of the video

    • Jerry

      Worthless piece of trash that costed her dads job for a damn VLOG. Dude is a even bigger idiot tho

      • Riley Freeman

        why do you internet people take it so far. “Worthless piece of trash” like take a chill pill

    • Wee Ymm

      You’re talking like it was you that lost the job. Relax

    • Jerry

      Better question is how did they let her in with a camera or any type of recording device around a sensitive area.

      • Jay

        I doubt the cafeteria was a sensitive area but yes she should not have been recording at all.

    • Jay

      She’s spoiled, not sure what you expected after the first couple second in the first video but it’s very evident. Spoiled kids really don’t care about anyone but themselves.

    • Jamessmooth

      “…this little video that was an innocent memory of me and my family.”

  • Int’l J

    Am I the only one who thinks he deserves to be fired and she deserves to get probation for this?

    It may cost apple millions, not to mention it may delay launch. All she cared about was views.

  • Alejandro Delgado

    “Hate on me, not my father”
    lmao, no ones hating on your father, lady. You are the one to blame 100%.
    Also, i cannot tolerate this fake ass crying. I can’t believe she does not seem to be all that affected by her father being terminated because of her.

    • AMB_07

      Actually I would argue that her father shares the most responsibility here since he was aware that she was filming. He’s kinda supposed to be the smart one.

      • Guess Apple employees can be real dumb…

      • Alejandro Delgado

        Yeah, i guess you are right. However, I think she’s old enought to know better than that. Dumb thing to do for likes.

  • AMB_07

    Apple is 100% in the right here and this is coming from someone who doesn’t shy away at criticizing them. The man was simply a dumbass for showing his test unit and unfortunately got what was coming to him, family man or not.

  • Icebox766

    Hey all, Peterson the Father was fired because of his action in letting the daughter see and film the device. That is the primary breach. Daughter is a unauthorized person under the NDA. And that the video got distributed is a second problem, that pressure from the company solved

  • Guy

    You work for a company that as NDA’s for NDA’s. What do you think would happen. Smh….

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel

      NDAs for NDAs. lmfao.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    It is kinda weird though like people can film hands on videos with the ACTUAL phone the day of and sometimes days after and then all of a sudden nope! no more videos! I did read that there was some code for future Apple products on the video in the notes app so I guess that makes sense, but otherwise, if theres already Hands On video, why go crazy over this video?

  • czbird

    Maybe she was raised in quite a liberal way… disrespecting any regulations just to get her 5 minutes of fame and not being able to foresee consequences of her acts. And not bothering to ask for permission. Question is if the father instructed her properly before allowing her access to his workplace. Neveretheless, she should have asked him. The latest the second he saw her filming the X, he should have had stopped her from doing so. So yes, NDA is there for a reason. I’m pretty sure she’ll never forget this lesson of life.

  • jaylen

    Honestly I saw this coming from a mile away. What do you expect from Apple when you break an NDA? They have all the right to do this, and they should. This is by no means comparable to the “hands on” reviews filmed at the event, which were allowed, or may I say intended for media coverage.Yes, it’s sad, but you gonna have to know when you have strict rules on you, you can’t break them. and if you will you’ll face consequences.

  • Riley Freeman

    initially i didnt feel sorry for him cuz this was obvious but when you watch the video and she points out other hands on videos were posted, this seems excessive. One week suspension with no pay and end it there. Employee is penalized and aware not to allow this again. it also shows other employs that apple is serious about this types of things.

    Putting someone on the unemployment line is excessive. if the device has not been announced and not had other hands on videos, then i would agree with the firing