We’re less than a month away from the iPhone X launch and already some people have gotten their hands on the device, posting photographic and video evidence on social media.

First up, a short and sweet video shared on Reddit gives us a nice view of a white iPhone X that appears to be running a new dynamic wallpaper on the Lock screen.

Another iPhone X in the wild

Keep in mind that Reddit videos may not work well on mobile.

Apple has not updated iOS’s dynamic wallpapers since iOS 7 and this particular animation on the Lock screen could be exclusive to the upcoming handset. Don’t confuse dynamic wallpapers, which are dynamically animated, Apple-desgined wallpapers created for the Lock screen, with live wallpapers that were introduced along with Live Photos.

Another Reddit tipster shared a few images of an iPhone X in black, seen below.

Preorders for iPhone X will open on October 27 ahead of the scheduled November 3 launch.

  • Jack Wong

    Edge to edge screen~

  • That new dynamic wallpaper looks like one of those hidden ones that is only accessible when you jailbreak and install a tweak… expect that it doesn’t have any color bubbles outside of red.

    • ✯Mike✯

      how does your sentence make logical sense. “hidden” but you have to “install” something to get it.. lol it’s just a tweak that rewrites code to show different color options it’s not “hidden”

  • Charlie

    Probably a 3D printer mock up. You actually buy one on eBay

    • SkyFall

      Why would it be a 3D printer mockup? Its the real thing, once the product is revealed employees are able to use them outside of Apple.

      • Because Case manufacturers use them to test their devices, stores use them as dummy models… Theres loads of reasons lol

      • techfreak23

        Except that was clearly a functional model in the video…

      • hush

        it’s a 3d printer mock up /s

      • Except that wasn’t the question I replied to 🙂 The question was why did anyone want a model of an iPhone.

  • Still not sure which color I’ll get. Would have loved a black front and a gold back, but oh well. Even a black front with a red back would have been cool.

    • nova12

      if I try to get one, it’ll be black, only because the front is black on both, so I want it to be uniform.

    • MMA Rules

      I’ll get the white one because I know everyone is gonna go for the black, I’ll just put a black dBrand skin on it, if the front would’ve been white then I would’ve gone for the black

    • João Almeida

      the black is amazing

  • FLipChip

    I can’t believe how innovative the new iPhone X is. No headphone jack, no home button, no touch id. Maybe next year it won’t have any buttons at all. Then maybe crApple will really get really innovative with the iPhone XI and remove the screen! OMG that will really be so innovative! I bet I’ll get amazing battery life then! SMH

    No Thanks, I’ll stick to my Jailbroken iPhone 6S!

    • Swipe

      Yeah but at least they raised the price that way you get more bang for your buck. lol =P

      I can’t get past that notch. I think it’s going to make things very awkward when using apps, browsing safari, checking email etc.

    • Galaxy Life

      Serious question and yes, I’m a Samsung Fanboy but seriously, what’s wrong with the iPhone X?

      It’s a very nice phone and the best iPhone thus far.

      What is it that you wanted and didn’t get from the X?

  • Galaxy Life

    I’ve had all black iPhones and 1 Rose gold but this time around I think I’m getting white.

  • Are Apple employees supposed to be flaunting unreleased products? If not, posting it on social media is just asking for trouble. There’s also the possibility that someone’s using a counterfeit designed to look like the iPhone X. They’re already available to buy online. (not gonna post links to them though)