This past week the iPhone X was announced on stage by Tim Cook and company. Based on the availability of iPhone 8’s, it is clear most people are waiting for the newest flagship device in November. Each time a new device is launched, Apple uses a wallpaper just for that single device in most of its advertising. I received many requests for these wallpapers and thanks to two iDB readers, I can post them for you today!

iPhone X presentation wallpapers

For those of you stocking up on new iPhone X sized wallpapers, we ran a Wallpaper of the Week mini-series of just iPhone X wallpapers last week. You should make sure to download them today as well.

  1. iPhone X Pack 1
  2. iPhone X Pack 2
  3. iPhone X Pack 3

Below, you will find the two images Apple is utilizing to advertise the upcoming iPhone X. While these are not pulled straight from Apple, they are very convincing replicas by, first, @AR72014, second, @FlareZephyr. Thanks for the creativity!

As we approach the launch of iPhone X, make sure to send any wallpaper creations or findings my way via @jim_gresham, where I collected submissions, interact with readers, and RT excellent wallpapers!

Download by @AR72014: iPhone


Download by @FlareZephyr: iPhone

  • SoJimmy Nea

    Kinda hope there’s an iPad version of this 🙁

  • zebonaut
    • Boris Aguiar

      Just brilliant! You just work as Apple designer 🙂

      • Tinny


    • nathan stout

      I actually really dig this. I wouldn’t have minded if they had only put the status bar in the “ears” like this shows.

    • Jack Wong

      WOW I wish they really doing this! Good job!

    • Zeyad Kambouris

      nice and clean solution…

    • Diego Milano

      This is awesome!

    • Ujjwal Rattan

      Your suggestion defeats the whole purpose, if it was to be covered with software, why would they ever design a complicated screen or re-design iOS to accommodate that gap. The gap and the contrasting screen around creates a sense of immersion.

      • Frank Malloy

        “creates a sense of immersion”

        Apple-speak for “we couldn’t solve the problem of eliminating a bezel up top due to all that fancy FaceID hardware and earpiece, so here’s a notch cutout”

    • Kram Sacul

      Or how to make your new IPhone X look like a cheap knockoff.

  • logan maldonado


  • Nelson

    Just brilliant! You just work as Apple designer 🙂