The new iPhone 8/Plus will be the first iPhone to include wireless charing. Utilizing the Qi wireless charging standard, you will soon be able to charge your iPhone 8 in many places just by setting it down.

Many were worried that Apple would introduce a proprietary charging solution for the new iPhone, but Apple pleasantly surprised many by adopting the open standard, Qi. That means many charing pads that work on Android phones will also work with the new iPhone.

With Apple’s push behind it, more places will starting adding Qi charing pads. For instance, airports, coffee shops, or even in your car. You won’t have to worry about connecting any lightning cables to make sure you are always powered up.

  • Bill

    Paging askep3, paging askep3! Told ya

    • askep3

      Lol i had repeadetly dead that it is unlikely it would be anything but this, I was just thinking if anybody would go beyond this tech it would be Apple.

  • Juniors234

    2018 Audis, 2018 Honda Accords and many others come equipped with Qi wireless charging. Couple this with wireless Apple CarPlay in those vehicles, and the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X are all winners.

    • Mike

      My 2016 Toyota Camry has this already

      • Fanboy 

        My 1991 Lamborghini doesn’t. Do you think they have a kit I could install into it??

      • TheAvatarNice

        I bet you could if it has a car cigar jack

  • I will admit that while I originally was completely unimpressed with the “wireless” charging gimmick and still have 0 plans to ever purchase a puck myself one thing was stated in the keynote that made me at least glad that Apple is getting it. And that is that it’s a unerversual standard. It will be nice if someday I can leave my cables at home and go over to a friends house and charge my phone if needed even if they have a Samsung or get complimentary charging at airports and such.

    • Galaxy Life

      Wireless charging isn’t a gimmick. If you have no problem with plugging into a cable, I don’t know why laying it on a mat is so complicated or difficult.

      You’ll love it once you start using it. Go out on your lunch break and sit it on the table while you eat for a quick top up.

      Do you ever reach for your phone in the dark or while you’re sleeping? It’s much easier to pick it up and put it back down than to fidget in the dark with the cable or contort your body into uncomfortable or unnatural positions to use it.

      • Lol, I say that “wireless” charging is a gimmick because it’s still charging over a wire. You’re still tethered to the wall while charging and the only difference is that it’s easier to set a phone on a mat than it is to plug in a cable.

        That said, while wireless charging does have advantages it’s not better in all cases. I use my phone for sleep tracking and as an alarm and as such I put it on my bed while I sleep. I suppose I could put the charging puck in my sheets and hope to God I don’t bump it… also there’s times like right now where I have trouble sleeping and want to use my phone while it’s charging. Believe me when I say it’s much nicer to have a cable that stays in place than to try and hold my phone and a puck together…

        Anyways I can give a lot more examples but long story short there are many cases where “wireless” charging falls short compared to wired charging and given my use of my phone it would be absolute stupidity on my part to go out and invest in it.

      • Galaxy Life

        So wireless charging gals short of wired (which it does) BUT you think over the air wireless charging will be better than wireless charging even though it will cost tons more, be miles slower and be even more inferior to wired charging?

        Even over the air charging will require wires. The transmitter still needs to be plugged into something.

      • Well I think it may be a bit early to talk about pros and cons of true wireless charging, but the theoretical advantage would be that you have no wires to the device so even if it’s in your pocket it would be charging. Granted it would be slower to charge but the theory is that if there ever comes a time when they are all over the place like WiFi hotspots are today you’d never have to charge your device or worry about battery again.

        Not sure if we’ll get there or not, but that would be a cool technology if it’s possible.

      • Galaxy Life

        One day but it will take some time.

      • Yeah that will be a cool technology won’t it? Technology has come so far so fast and it’s crazy to think of how much room it still has to grow.

  • Diego Milano

    I’m not impressed at all about this, but it is what it is and I’ll go from there.

  • Poppa Woody

    Why not endorse the Qi standard. It won’t matter to next gen users. Hold up your hands if you think the iPhone X will be dependant on Qi and a charging pad. Now hold up your hands if you think iPhone X will be totally wireless and require no charging pad and only proximity to a true over-the-air charging device. I see, so most of you don’t by the Energous hype (WATT) and the abundant signals that Apple will use them for an option to charging and you have not done any investment research. So sad. WATT has a tier 1 partner among a lot of other licensing deals and engineering contracts in the works. Dialog, a supplier of many Apple electronics invested 5 million and then another 10 in WATT in the last 6 months, and the head of Apple’s organization to move things through FCC approval LEFT Apple to join WATT. Anybody want to bet he’s got a job to go back to and a fisful of options?

    Tesla just did another roll in his grave – or is he powdered up in an urn somewhere?