Apple is expected to debut a fifth-generation Apple TV with support for the native 4K resolution and streaming, Dolby Vision, HDR10 and more. As you can imagine, the box will come preloaded with Apple’s new default Aerial screensaver shot in the glorious 4K resolution.

As our own video editor Andrew O’Hara states, an HDR version of this clip isn’t able to be uploaded to YouTube so this is something to keep in mind. Props to Jeff Benjamin of 9to5Mac for first sharing this new screensaver uncovered from Apple’s latest tvOS 11 firmware.

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That looks amazing, don’t you agree?

This new default screensaver comes in both HDR and non-HDR versions in 4K resolution. The non-HDR version is encoded using H.265/HEVC at 3,840-by-2,160 UHD resolution.

To fully appreciate the video, watch it on in Google Chrome on your desktop and be sure to click the wrench icon in the video’s bottom-left corner and choose 4K (2160p).

4K streaming won’t work in Safari so you’ll have to use Chrome. Keep in mind that you must have a fairly speedy system to stream YouTube videos in 4K resolution.

TIP: to set this video as a screensaver on your Mac, use the free SaveHollywood app.

How do you like the new Apple TV screensaver and are you looking forward to Apple TV 4K?

As always, leave your comments below.

  • f1ght3r

    Winter is here

  • therealjjohnson

    I have a 4K TV and an Apple TV. On the Youtube app on the Apple TV when I watch a video in 4K…is that not really 4K? If so…why do I need a 4K Apple TV when its already that?

    • Thomas

      It’s only 1080p. It takes serious hardware to push, well effectively four 1080p displays at the same time.

      The new Apple TV 4K has the internals of the iPad Pro 12.9″, with the A10X, and that’s why it can handle it.

      If you’ve never experienced 4K before, you will be BLOWN AWAY. It’s incredible.

      • therealjjohnson

        Shit. So what I thought was 4K when I got this new Samsung was still 1080p…I’m scared I’m 4K people might jump out the screen cause what I have now look way better than the old 1080p Samsung I had lol. Thanks.

      • sounds like you are blown away by how good it looks. 🙂

  • Austin Marten

    Wouldn’t the Aerial ScreenSaver be a better options than SaveHollywood?

  • Leopoldo Pereira

    Planet Hoth.