We are so close now to the expected public release of iOS 11.

Yesterday’s arrival of an eighth beta of iOS 11 has brought with it small under-the-hood changes indicating there shouldn’t be any unexpected changes or last-minute feature additions before the software update launches for public consumption this fall.

One of the outward-facing user changes in iOS 11 beta 8 concerns Apple’s revamped App Store, where searching for popular apps now displays a developer card in search results instead of searching for the company directly.

The 3D Touch issue where there was a noticeable delay before a shortcuts menu popped up has been resolved now. While there still might be a barely perceptible delay every now and then, we fulling expect Apple to fix this completely in subsequent betas.

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I’ve found the latest beta snappier, more fluid and less buggy than prior releases.

Have you installed iOS 11 beta 8 on your iPhone and iPad? If so, how’s your battery life? What about performance, has it improved for you in a significant way? Tell us in comments!

  • Shane Chang

    Can we get a link for the wallpaper but for iPad Pro please?

  • Vinnie Bones

    Jail breaking will never be dead but seeing how much IOS has developed, makes it hard to “stay on lowest firmware possible” waiting for a jailbreak.

    • Same. I used to jailbreak for everything. Now I really only want a jailbreak for UntetherMe.

  • Steve Harold

    Probably this is the final beta not counting the GM.

  • This beta is running very smooth for me. The only bug I faced is the “music control widget” that appears on lock screen sometimes and it decides when disappear automatically, on my iPhone 7 Plus.

    In the other hand, on my iPad Air 2 it’s running better from the previous beta, but still a little laggy for the transitions and animations. But I see that the changes in iPad iOS is way more significant and Apple will probably have more challenges here to make it run smooth (probably not in time for the release).

    Let’s see.

  • Dr Prithvi

    Smart Invert hasn’t been working with 3rd party apps like Twitter, FB and WhatsApp. this issue has been since first beta and still hasn’t been fixed.

    • Probably because SmartInvert is an API? Like developers have to code their apps to work with it? It’s not Apple’s job to make sure apps work with their system, it’s the developers job ^^


    Battery still seems to drain quickly but not as bad as previous beta’s. Still not as good as iOS 10. Hope they fix battery before they release the final GM. other then that, seems to run a lot smoother on my 7 plus.

  • k8l

    Am I the only one to wish a VPN switch in the control center?

  • Sai

    how is the fluidity with this current beta on the iphone 5s?

  • SunnY M

    The best thing in ios11 is control cente, but still am missing location toggle there. battery is draining faster than ios 10. and the sad part is they removed chrome mode from camera..