As Apple continues testing iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch ahead of its scheduled fall release, the Cupertino technology giant today seeded a fifth beta of the upcoming software update to the registered developers and members of the Apple Developer Program.

A matching public beta will likely drop within the next 24 hours.

If you’re a developer whose device already runs a previous beta of iOS 11, you can upgrade to iOS 11 beta 5 (build number 15A5341f) over the air using the Software Update mechanism in the Settings app.

A configuration profile provided on Apple’s Dev Center must be installed on the device.

Here’s Andrew’s hands-on walkthrough of the changes in the previous beta.

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Originally released as a developer-only preview at WWDC in June, iOS 11 packs in a surprising number of new features, improvements, enhancements and user interface refinements.

Some of them include a customizable Control Center, a redesigned App Store, brand new multitasking features on iPad with the interactive Dock and drag and drop, a dedicated Files app, AirPlay 2 with multi-room audio, new Siri capabilities and more.

TUTORIAL: How to switch from iOS 11 beta to official iOS release

iOS 11 will release for public consumption this fall across supported iOS device models.

You can report your own findings of feature changes and new capabilities in iOS 11 beta 5 via or post them down in the comments section. Our upcoming article, along with Andrew’s hands-on video, will highlight all the changes in iOS 11 beta 5.

  • John

    How’s the battery life


    • Lutiher

      Do you really want an answer to that question one HOUR after release?

      • ad van liempt

        There are wifi problems!!

      • Hendo27

        What kind of wifi problems?

      • ad van liempt

        He connect like normal but he does nothing after a minut. He was very hot to.
        Disconnect en connect again en ‘t works for a while…

      • ad van liempt

        everything looks normal now, maybe to hot…

      • Mr Riggs

        No issues on mine so far. Previous beta was an issue for me. Seems fixed in this one. Haven’t dropped connection yet.

      • John

        The origin reply was posted 16 minutes ago but because I put a link in there, it hasn’t come through…

        But to answer your question: Of course not, that should have been indicated by the /s at the end which normally denotes sarcasm but I shall try and be more obvious next time.

      • Lutiher


      • Note his usage of “/s” at the bottom of his comment, that’s Reddit/4Chan slang for sarcasm.

      • Alejandro Delgado

        Yeah, and of course everyone is aware of the slang used in one of the weirdest websites of the public internet

      • :)

        This is general internet language. It has nothing to do with whatever website you’re on.

      • I’ve legit never heard of this either though and I frequent forums and reddit…

      • :)

        Heh, that’s rare. Prepare to notice it more often!

      • I’m not too sure how you figure Reddit is “one of the weirdest websites” but I digress, if you lessened your hostility, you’d be able to see that my comment was intended to be helpful, not demeaning.

      • Alejandro Delgado

        lol i’m not being hostile, sorry if it came out that way. Anyway, it’s not Reddit i’m referring to, it’s 4chan, that shit’s weird. I’m gonna have to investigate why have i never seen this in all the time I’ve been on the internet

      • Ahh I hear ya, it’s cool man.
        Yeah, 4chan has a lot of very weird, dark corners, it’s not somewhere I frequent anymore.

    • Mr Riggs

      Easily 8 hours of on screen time!

  • AnandWHY

    my #iPhone is no more after i have updated… RIP 🙁

    • Mr Riggs

      What happened?

  • Jason Trump

    Folders and Dock background are grey on my 7plus. Anyone else seeing this nonsense?

    • Julio

      Looks like an accessibility setting got flipped on. Settings, General, Accessibility, Increase Contrast. Flip reduce transparency off. If it’s off, flip it on and back off.

      • Jason Trump

        Julio. I just tried that and still the same. Even after a reboot. The stranger part is the dock is the same grey color. No blur. just solid grey.

      • Julio

        That sucks cause it sure looked like that because that’s exactly what the transparency option makes things look like–grey backgrounds. Chalk it up to the fact it’s a beta I reckon :-/ not what you probably wanted to hear but until a final release we gotta deal with a few bugs. Luckily yours isn’t a show stopper so can take solace in that I reckon. A full reset and setup as new phone to see if it is still there is a possibility. Can always restore back from backup. It’d be a way to determine if it’s some setting somewhere that got perma-flipped anyway if you’re curious to get to the bottom of it

      • Jason Trump

        Julio … Fixed it !!!!! I changed the wallpaper and lock screen image and it reverted back to normal. Grey dock background and grey folders are now displaying as the default White/Blur.

        Squash that bug !!!!!!!

      • Julio

        Have you just tried resetting just the settings? Settings, general, reset, reset settings. Won’t lose anything. Just sets all apple settings internally back to default

    • Samir

      Thats weird. Mines are correct after the update.

    • I had this on the Yalu Jailbreak. Maybe a restore would fix it?

  • Olariu

    How is the battery life in ios 11 beta 5

    • John

      That joke has already been done.

  • pablo

    I find problems with siri…I have to spek to laud in order to activate…

  • Harrij

    Paypal not opening anymore. No connection with IPhone and Mac. No auto Photos uploads visible anymore. Whaaat this beta is better left aside