Apple has updated its iOS adoption rate page on Monday night, showing that iOS 10 now powers 87% of iOS devices, while 10% of devices still run iOS 9, and 3% run an even older version of the operating system.

The stats that were last updated on July 28, were acquired by aggregating devices that have accessed the App Store in the weeks prior.

Compared to last year’s numbers at the same time, it seems that iOS 10 is on par with its predecessor. Indeed, iOS 9 adoption rate was pegged at 87% as well when checked in July/August of 2016.

We won’t draw the comparison with Android adoption rate…

  • Benjamin Owuye Jagun

    The butthurt Fandroids can only dream of fragmented Android matching the adoption rate of iOS.

  • David Gow

    For some reason my wife will not update her six plus

    • BlackPantherK

      Probably just used to it and doesn’t want to know all the new features. My mom just says “it works” so why upgrade to something that might brick it or make it slow.

      • David Gow

        I’ve asked her to switch phones so I could be jailbroken As i am on a newer phone but she will have nothing of it lol. Yes she loves it the way it is.

  • John714

    I’m still running on iOS 8 jailbreak on iphone 6 plus