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Things are looking up for the two co-hosts as Sebastien fixed his Gmail issue, and Cody got a replacement for his broken iPhone 7 Plus screen. The two talk about Amazon’s move to compete with the yet-to-come HomePod, Amazon’s rumored messaging service, iPhone 8 production delays, and The Defiant Ones.

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Show Notes

Small talk:

  • The Gmail problem fixed
  • Sebastien moved to Ting
  • Screen replacement

Other stuff

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  • odedo1

    My question is:
    Do you think or have you heard if Apple are coming up with a new 3rd version of the Apple Watch this year?

    • There hasn’t been many rumors about a new Apple Watch, especially not recently, but I’d bet we will see a new model in September.

      • odedo1

        Thanks, the reason I’m asking is because I got the first generation which broke on me but even so the warranty was over a year ago they just gave me a brand new one but I’m really into upgrading to a waterproof Nike one and have not heard one word of a new Watch coming out this year, not even a whisper which is weird, never before a new device have been released without us knowing before but thanks for replying and I guess I’ll just wait, either there will be a new one or not and if there will be one but the upgrade won’t be such a big deal then the price of the second version will drop but again depends how much of a drop and what’s the upgrade like if it’s a brighter screen and double battery time then it’s worth paying more but the trues I don’t believe a new one is coming I believe the Apple Watch is a 2 years thing.

        Once again,


      • I would wait until September too if I were you

      • odedo1

        I will thanks.

      • odedo1

        I meant you convinced me and I’m going to wait.