Fairly reliable website Mac Otakara is reporting that Apple will be holding a media event next month to announce hardware updates for several of its popular products. Wondering what’s on tap for a refresh? According to the Japanese publication, Apple will add a new 128-gigabyte iPhone SE model to the existing 16GB and 64GB capacities.

In addition, we should also see the previously rumored Red model of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and four new iPad Pro models introduced at the event.

Mac Otakara corroborated previous report, saying the new iPad Pros will come in four screen sizes: 7.9, 9.7, 10.5-inch and 12.9 inches, suggesting the 7.9-inch iPad Pro could become Apple’s new entry-level iPad possibly replacing the 7.9-inch iPad mini 4 models.

Prior rumors predicted that the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro model would be roughly the same size as the current 9.7-incher because it would have skinnier side bezels, an edge-to-edge display and no physical Home button. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro may not begin shipping until May, according to the publication’s sources.

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Last but not least, the rumored event should bring us a range of new Spring-themed Apple Watch bands. We’ll know more about these claimed product refreshes at the end of March, when Apple is said to be holding its media event.

Source: Mac Otakara (Google Translate)

  • Ara Rezaee

    4 new sizes? I mean come on! Thats just idiotic.

    • AMB_07

      Only one that remotely interests me is the Mini.

      • Ara Rezaee

        I’ve got the 9.7″ iPad 4, I’d probably go for the equivalent 2017 version

    • Kzboi

      Because they want to appeal to multiple audiences? You’re just idiotic.

      • Ara Rezaee

        Yeah OK. For the record Apple is not going to introduce a fourth screen size into the iPad lineup. The’ll most likely just replace the 9.7″ with a 10.5″ or just stick to their existing sizes.

  • Stephen Hedger

    The only thing that lets my 6S mini down (SE) is only 64gb memory. Having 128 will be sweet. I wonder if it will have any hardware changes… iPhone 7 mini?

  • Adrayven

    Sorry, I don’t see them doing 7.9 and and 9.7 as pro models.. the suppliers are probably confused on the naming.. they have NOT gotten past naming scene’s correct. I see no reason to believe them this time.

    Now, On the models themselves, I do believe Apple will have entry level iPad mini and Air.. and 2 Pro models.

    I expect updated
    iPad Min 7.9″
    iPad Air 9.7″
    iPad Pro 12.9:

    iPad Pro 10.5″

    • Blip dude

      There’s already an iPad Air 3 that Apple insist on calling iPad Pro, you seriously think they would care enough about supplier’s confusion to not continue doing so??

      Different suppliers can supply different parts for each of these different rumored “Pro” models.

  • Jamessmooth

    4 screen sizes?? I was gonna say that seems unapple-like but these days, I guess it does :/

  • 5723alex .

    I still use my iPad Mini 1 and see no need to upgrade/update.

    • Wiley

      Yeah, iPads are generally upgraded much slower and as long as it works for you, why replace it. I generally keep an iPad for 4-5 years

  • MMA Rules

    I wish they will cut the bezels on the SE and make them like the supposed iPhone 8 and that would be awesome in that form factor