Safari is the best way to browse the web on your iPhone or iPad, but it still looks mostly the same as it did in iOS 7, and some people want change. Fortunately, having a way to customize the things that you don’t like is just one of the benefits of having a jailbreak.

A new free jailbreak tweak called Safari Tools by Justin Petkovic brings to the table a number of settings that you can apply to Safari to change its appearance and behavior under certain conditions.

Safari Tools focuses heavily on the appearance of Safari, allowing users to configure how they view pages in the web browser, as well as how things look when the user performs actions.

Among just some of the things you can see in the screenshots above with some of the settings we’ve applied are full-screen web page scrolling, a hidden Status Bar, and a redesigned Favorites page.

Safari Tools adds a new preferences pane to the Settings app where you can configure a number of the tweak’s settings:

An outline of the options you have to choose from is included below:

  • You can give the URL bar a flatter appearance
  • You can make the toolbar more miniature
  • You can hide the Status Bar from your web browsing experience
  • You can scroll through web pages in full-screen mode
  • You can change the progress bar for loading web pages to look “pixelated”
  • You can disable the back and forward swipe gestures
  • You can block pop-ups and redirects that will try to open the App Store

Another cell that’s dedicated specifically to the Favorites page in Safari gives you all of the following options as well:

  • Hide your cloud tabs
  • Hide your frequent websites
  • Shrink the size of your favorite website icons
  • Configure a custom grid layout for your favorite website icons

It’s a pretty good idea to force quit Safari from the App Switcher in between making changes to the preference pane. This allows the changes to take effect before you go right back into using the web browser. In some cases, a respring might be necessary.

There is a lot you can do with the Safari Tools jailbreak tweak, and it’s fully compatible with all versions of iOS from iOS 7 to iOS 10. If you’re interested in giving the tweak a shot, you can download it for free today on your jailbroken device from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

Are you impressed with the set of features provided by the free Safari Tools tweak? Share in the comments below!

  • BlackPantherK

    All these tweaks and yet I cannot use them because of lack of iPhone 7 Plus Jailbreak support (iOS 10.2 due to Beats W3 and Airpods).

    • iBanks


    • andrei endriu

      Airpods can’t be used with 10.1.1 ??

      • BlackPantherK

        Nope, full support came in iOS 10.2 so yea that sucks.

      • andrei endriu

        Wow good to know I almost bought a pair !

      • BlackPantherK

        Yea, you should keep that in mind if you want to jailbreak a flagship device.

      • “Full support,” maybe, but they should still be able to be used.

      • BlackPantherK

        Maybe, but I was unable to even pair the Airpods on 10.1.1 on my 7 Plus so had no other option. The Beats W3 do work on lower firmware than 10.2. Ofcourse there’s only the problem if you have an 7/7Plus and want a jailbreak together with the fully supported airpods (my case scenario).

        Just besides that I would like to note that the Airpods are actually not worth it tho. The Beats are perfect for gym use + heavy bass and decent battery life.

  • andrei endriu

    The most annoying thing in safari is that when you go back it reloads the page and sends you to the top of the page ….that’s why I stopped using it

  • ink

    One for all, just installed it. Run perfect on my 5s.. love the features.

  • Bret Smith

    How is the performance? Is it as fast and smooth as Safari when it’s not tweaked?

  • Mark Schuster

    I’ve considered using safari since I first bought an iPhone 3, currently have an iPhone 6S 128gb. Then after decades of using pcs and fighting with viruses and the worst (should be illegal ) are the companies that download those pop ups that say your computer has a virus call this phone number and give us 35 dollars to remove the stupid pop up we planted in your computer in the first place. I eventually stopped using aftermarket anti virus software and used microsofts virus control which made a difference. But I also take care of my mothers computer. She’s 87 today and liked to go to the free game like solitaire websites which every single time she did she got a virus. I warned her I paid for a solitaire game and she still did it. (getting dementia) anyway I bought her a iMac as well as myself. Installed SSD drives in them and they are wonderful. The purpose of this long story is over the years I’ve used Google chrome as well as my mom. I think the thing knows when I walk in the room. Anyway I’m so used to it, it has all my information my passwords and so on, I just can’t imagine how I’d switch over without going through some kind of withdrawal. Also for some reason I hate BING. I TECENTLY HAD TO PURCHASE A USED PC an older Dell with a I7 CPU. It is running Windows 10 and keeps trying to get me to use its new explorer. IDK anybody struggling with such change? I love my Apple stuff and how my iPhone my iPad Pro and Mac seem to always have the same information and I suppose I’d do better to use safari. And once in a while I do. Even though I’ve selected google chrome as my default browser on my iPad my iPhone and Mac still sometimes I click on a link and safari opens which I’ve always hated. Something taking over my device and changing my preferences . I’d be interested if anyone else has experienced this delema

  • Mark Schuster

    I think the only thing I hate about chrome is on my iPhone or iPad I keep building up tabs till before I know it I’m spending a half hour closing tabs. If I don’t and want to go. Back to something and it’s open somewhere else I’ll spend 20 minutes looking for it. Does safari allow you to easily close all the tabs?

    • Y2J: Keeper of the List

      Tap and hold on the tabs button and it’ll pop up

  • Hakuna

    Safari downloader for 10?