Nike on Tuesday posted 7 new videos promoting the Apple Watch Nike+ featuring celebrity Kevin Hart. Hart was issued the first Nike+ Apple Watch back in October of last year, and the ads offer a look at what he has been up to since.

As you’d expect with Hart, the videos are pretty funny, portraying the comedian on an introspective 700+ mile run into the desert. Throughout the clips he can be seen running in Nike gear, and showing off various Apple Watch features.

Hart of course is a long-time Nike partner. He’s frequently spotted running in marathons wearing their attire, and has his own line of athletic sneakers. He’s no stranger to the tech world either, serving as a vocal partner for smart headphone-maker Muzik.

  • Carlo

    where does Kevin charge is apple watch every night out there in the desert?!?!

    • askep3

      Where he charges all his other things ????

    • [RECON1]

      That’s what I was thinking. Ad wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be having Kevin Hart

    • Cerberus The Wise

      Maybe he has a solar power powered battery pack of some sort in that camping tent 🙂

    • Jeffrey

      Like Cerberus said, maybe he has a solar powered battery pack, but damn… It’s an ad… Don’t take everything so serious…

    • Jay

      Its in the wall outlet of the tent you see him sleeping in. Once folded up he keeps it in the back pocket of his beard and thats why you can’t see everything he carries with him.

  • Icisz

    Cmon this is hilarious ba ha ha ha ha. The “understanding what dirt really is”, or “new years resolution: I dunno working on my beard”… and the one drop of water cactus. Lmfao

  • Cerberus The Wise

    Very corny but gave me a Chuckle. Apple does a good job of not making boring ads.

    • Icisz

      I’m curious- how much was apple and how much was Nike. It felt a lot like the Harden commercials of days gone by that Nike did… perhaps a collab? we might never know for sure, but it had me giggling a few times yes

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