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Some owners of iPhone and iPad devices may experience difficulty purchasing apps and media from Apple’s digital content stores because they’ve been experiencing issues since about 12:30pm Pacific / 3:30pm Eastern Time. According to Apple’s iCloud Status Page, some folks may be unable to make purchases in the iTunes Store, Mac App Store and App Store. We’ll update the post as soon as these problems have been resolved.

Update 3.15pm PT: everything is working again, according to Apple.

Apple is usually slow to acknowledge iCloud problems on its web dashboard so it’s likely that these problems actually began some time before 12:30pm Pacific.

You may also have problems re-downloading previously purchased apps, updating apps or using the In-App Purchase mechanism. At least one commenter reported Apple Music being down, too.

Intermittent iCloud issues are nothing new: last week, for example, iCloud account services were unavailable for some people for nearly eight hours before resolved.

If you’re currently plagued with the latest hiccups affecting purchases on the App Store, Mac App Store and iTunes Store, we’d like to hear from you in the comments below.

Source: iCloud Status Page

  • Robert De Jesus

    Apple music is also down

  • Adrian

    I can’t update or download any app

  • Yup, no in app purchases either.

  • Chun Lee

    can’t even log in

  • machdraught

    Third party streaming apps not working either. Plus my Dexcom glucose monitor app won’t work. This happened with I update my iOS to 10.2. DO NOT UPDATE! repeat: DO NOT UPDATE!!!

    • Diego Milano

      I’d never update the same day an iOS release comes out anyway; there are always unwelcome surprises one could easily avoid.

  • Diego Milano

    They are taking it down to announce the new iOS 10.2 jailbreak!

  • Diego Milano

    Shouldn’t the hyperlink be tied to “Apple’s iCloud Status Page” instead of the “According”?

  • BasedOnAir

    “Update: every working again” ??

    Do you proofread anything you write, Christian?

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    iCloud ain’t working, can’t upload 128 mb what’s app backup ..

  • Dylan Beaulieu

    I logged out of my itunes account on my phone to change my email for my apple id account and I still can’t log in iOS8.3 Jailbroken