iCloud down 20161205

According to multiple reports on Twitter that have since been officially acknowledged on Apple’s own System Status dashboard webpage, some iCloud services are currently down for an unknown number of customers, including Account & Sign In services and web apps available through iCloud.com.

Login issues seem to have been affecting users since at 8am Pacific time, according to Apple. Is your device putting up a prompt repeatedly saying it cannot sign in to iCloud? Well, now you know why.

UPDATE 2:45pm Pacific: All iCloud services are now operational.

Problems with the web apps have started at about 11am Pacific Time.

In addition, some folks are reporting problems using Apple’s stock native apps such as Calendar, Contacts and Mail with their iCloud account, which may be caused by misbehaving web apps at iCloud.com.

Are you having trouble signing in to iCloud.com? Do you see an error message when trying to manage iCloud features via Settings on iOS or System Preferences on macOS?

Tell us in comments below.

Source: Apple System Status

  • Andrea Castillo

    Thank god. I was not in the mood to dissect my whole life to see when I magically changed my password.

  • JRDN

    Yeah Fantastical gave me a heads up. Tried my two-factor passwords several times and none worked. Thankfully there’s a reason.

  • A few hours ago my Mac Mini complained about a missing password in iCloud settings. Had to enter it twice to log back in and got an email from Apple congratulating me to my “new Apple ID”.

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    Thankfully, I was fast asleep at that time!

  • Kemisola Adejuyigbe-Aramide

    I can’t sign in with my Apple ID, it keep saying your account has been blocked, I don’t also get mails to unlock the Apple ID and can’t remember security answers too. Pls help