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LastPass, a free of charge password manager for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and the web, announced yesterday that all customers can now synchronize passwords across multiple devices at no additional charge.

Previously, the app required buying a $1 per month subscription to take advantage of multi-device sync. If you manage your passwords and logins in LastPass, this should be music to your ears as most people use multiple devices.

Here’s a message from LastPass founder Joe Siegrist:

From day 1 here at LastPass, we’ve been on a mission to help you simplify your online life and make it a lot easier to achieve strong password security.

By offering LastPass for free across all your devices, we’re making it that much easier for everyone to make good password habits the norm. Because when you have a password manager that goes everywhere you do, you have a strong foundation for securing and taking control of your identity.

The new free tier requires no action on the user’s part so everyone—be it existing or new users—can take advantage of free multi-device sync right out of the box.

LastPass teaser 001

LastPass continues to offer a premium $1 per month plan for customers who require advanced features such as ad removal, 1GB of encrypted cloud storage, family sharing with up to five users, priority support and other perks.

Grab LastPass for macOS at no charge from the Mac App Store.

LastPass for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is available for free from the App Store.

Like 1Password, LastPass lets you easily access your saved passwords, logins and other data through a web browser at and use a browser extension to automate entering passwords on websites.

Source: LastPass

  • Rolf Bause

    Oh wow, this is really great! I didn’t even knew this tool tbh…

  • Is better than 1Password?

    • :D

      I’ve used both and I wouldn’t say it is

    • Marcus

      1Password is regarded as the better choice

    • J3ff

      I switched over to lastpass 6 months ago and haven’t looked back. I even paid the 12$ a year. Well worth it and cheap as heck compared to 1 pass. Last pass is just now getting more attention and it’s great.

  • Henrik Frey

    Just 2 days ago I payed the one-year-fee for LastPass

    • J3ff

      12$ didn’t ever hurt anyone!

  • Rupinder

    Can someone explain why I should use this over Apple’s iCloud Keychain, which already has all my passwords synced and saved?

    • Vondrook4

      This is cross platform, so you’re not out of luck if you’re on a Windows PC or any other device. It also works in other browsers on your phone, not just Safari. You do have to click the “Share” button at the bottom to bring up Extensions and that’s how you launch LastPass within the app.

  • Alex Wilson

    “LastPass continues to offer a premium $1 per month plan for customers who require advanced features such as ad removal”

    Something about ads and my password manager don’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling all over.