Explo-Sung iPhone case

I wish I thought about this: someone’s actually made a case with a decal designed to make your iPhone look like an exploded Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung. Aptly named Explo-Sung iPhone Skin, it’s available for all iPhones from the iPhone 5 onward. The $24.95 case is made by a company called UniqFind which happens to sell a range of skins for Mac notebooks and iOS devices on Amazon.

“Here at UniqFind, we’ve come up with a merciless way to dress-up your iPhone this Halloween–as a burnt device,” reads the description. “Introducing the Explo-Sung decal for iPhones. It’s our hottest skin yet.”

If you want even better protection for your iPhone, the Explo-Sung is available in the skin + hard case combo for $34.99. The laser-cut skin was specifically engineered for the iPhone and has a cutout to reveal the Apple logo.

You can pre-order your Explo-Sung iPhone skin now (it ships in early November).

Source: UniqFind

  • OWashe

    Add to cart please…

  • Travis

    How are we supposed to “dress our iPhone this Halloween” if it doesn’t ship until early November? Lol

  • pnh

    Some dopey flight attendant somewhere is not going to find this funny.

    • Diego Milano

      I don’t find this funny at all, do I really have to pay almost 30 bucks to troll Samsung users? Stupid. 🙂

  • Gethro

    This is just mean. I hope who ever came up with this idea make a lot of money from it

  • Tommy

    all fun and games until tsa or a flight attendant catches eye of it 😀

  • Ton Phouthavongz


  • Impreza

    Are they permitted to use the name Samsung on the case? Making fun of a seious subject I suppose is what some do.

    • Shinonuke

      I see “Sam”