Tim Cook karaoke

Was Apple’s boss Tim Cook really considered as a possible running mate for Hillary Clinton? WikiLeaks recently dumped another trove of emails and one of the messages detailing the inner workings of the Clinton campaign specifically mention Cook as an early possibility for the Vice President of the U.S.

Cook’s name was included in the list with other potential VP candidates like Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg.

Sent by Clinton campaign chairman and media pointman John Podesta on March 17, 2016, the email serves as a first draft of potential vice presidential candidates, noting that this is just a “first cut of people to consider for VP” position.

The message warned that the Clinton campaign must be “prepared to execute non-disclosure agreements with anyone we involve.”

It’s unclear if Cook was actually approached for the job.

Aside from the aforesaid names, other non-political figures listed in the message as potential VP candidates include GM CEO Mary Barra, Melinda Gates, Chairman and CEO of Xerox Ursula Burns, CEO of Coca-Cola Muhtar Kent, President of The Rockefeller Foundation Judith Rodin and CEO and Chairman of Starbucks Howard Schultz.

A few days ago, Philip Elmer‑DeWitt discovered that the latest WikiLeaks dump includes another email which seemingly confirms that Cook held a secret one-on-one meeting with Clinton campaign’s Podesta last year.

The message advises staffers to “proceed cautiously” with Cook. “He’s supportive, but new to this so I think we shouldn’t come on too strong,” reads en excerpt.

Here’s the full text of email exchange:

June 20, 2015
From: Hannon
To: Podesta
Re: Tim Cook + Monday

Hey John:

Finance event + tech roundtable went very well today in SF.

I heard from Lindsay that you are visiting Tim Cook on Monday. I would love to (kill to) join you if appropriate. However, if better smaller, no problem at all. Just wanted to share that Ill be in town all Monday since we have our Erika event on Monday night.

See you soon,

June 21, 8:02 pm
From: Roitman
To: Hannon, Podesta

Tim’s office requested a 1:1 meeting today, which was a nice way of saying “no staff”. I think this is one we should proceed cautiously. He’s supportive but new to this so I think we shouldn’t come on too strong.

Steph, thanks for circling back, see you tomorrow night.

June, 21, 10:13 pm
From: Hannon
To: Roitman, Podesta

Understood, thanks for getting back to me! See you at Erika’s house!

For clarity’s sake, other names mentioned in the message include former Google executive and current Clinton CTO Stephanie Hannon, chief fundraiser Lindsay Roitman and Erika Rottenberg, who is LinkedIn’s former general counsel.

Cook on his part has held fundraising events for the Clinton campaign, as well as one for Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

So, would Cook make a good Vice President?

We may never know, but it’s easy to see that the Apple CEO has all of the desired character traits for such high-level position, like calm demeanor and analytical mind.

On the other hand, Cook’s managerial style and the fact that Steve Jobs personally picked him as his successor speak volume about Cook’s business acumen, but business is one thing and the politics is something entirely different.

Cook for President, anyone?

Source: WikiLeaks

  • Scott Curry

    Cook as VP? No customization for gov’t buildings after that…

  • Jamessmooth

    Imagine how thin everything would be.

    • John Smith

      He’d make the US thin again

  • Bugs Bunnay

    “Kill to” yea they are professionals at that. Don’t forget to mention “wet work” on another one of podesta’s emails too. The whole clinton campaign needs to go to jail. Including both the clintons.

    • Bill

      You got it! The level of corruption is unbelievable. Hopefully you’ve seen James O’Keefe’s videos from Project Veritas? Holy smokin Toledo batman!!!

      If she did pick him, everyone could without a doubt kiss any ‘Apple has got your back on securing your data’ goodbye! Maybe even so now…

      • Bugs Bunnay

        lol wow Bill. I was not expecting this kind of answer, but yes james is just one of the top power house exposing lies and corruption and I’ve seen plenty of his videos. alex jones is my main source. he also had james on his show some time ago as well as drudge, Michael savage, and other high level people that worked in the government, whistle blowers. Hilary recently made an ad targeting alex directly on her facebook I believe and even though on one of Obama’s speech, he didn’t mention him by name it’s pretty obvious that the “sulfur” smell statement came from alex.
        I was honestly expecting another troll comment lmao.

      • Bill

        You’ll get no shilling from me, friend. Together we shall wage war against those who wish to do us harm.


        (had to break up message to fit window for some reason)


      • Bugs Bunnay

        It’d be nice if everyone is aware of this, but looks like they are doing a good job with mainstream media. Car chases and animal n friends.

  • GottiCrime

    Maybe then Killary would stop smashing her phones with sludge hammers to hide her lies and crimes?????

    • Bugs Bunnay

      You mean Hitlary! Lol but seriously though, if i destroyed evidence while being investigated it’s obvious i’ll get sent straight to prison. Open and shut.

      • GottiCrime

        No I meant Killary (Benghazi)….

      • Bugs Bunnay

        Yea i know about that. Just thinking of what other names i, or we, can come up with lol.

        Hitlary = hillary + hitler. Or is hitlery better?

  • Mark S

    Ridiculous. Then we would have 2 completely unqualified people running on the same ticket.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    well since any anti hilary comments are deleted / censored let’s just say this – cook can run for president. as long as he’s in “their” special interest he can actually be president thanks to election rigging.

    • Bill

      Yep what a crock…just saw the comments were deleted. Un-effing-believable. Stay safe my friend!