TWelve South candle

Do you remember what your Mac smelled like the first time you unboxed it? If not, Apple-exclusive accessory maker Twelve South has you covered with a hand poured soy wax candle that delivers a “new Mac” smell to your nose. “We took that scent—and literally bottled it,” wrote the company. The candle is part of Twelve South’s line of merchandize that includes Mac-style T-shirts, hats, mugs and more.

“We would do anything to make our customers happy, so when you asked to get your hands on the one-of-a-kind merchandise that we have created over the years, we listened,” wrote Twelve South.

Believe it or not, the candle achieves the smell of a freshly unboxed Mac through a combination of notes of mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin and sage.

The merchandize lineup includes a double vacuum wall insulated water bottle designed to keep your drinks cold for 24+ hours. The $34 bottle was created in partnership with the team at Miir.

Twelve South bottle

Then there’s a range of Mac-themed iDrink coolers that keep your drinks chilled.

The $19 set includes six different Mac-themed sayings and each sports collapsible neoprene for “take-along to the beach, boat or barbecue”.

TWelve South iDrink

If you prefer a cup of coffee to get your day started, Twelve South has you covered with a 14oz ceramic coffee mug, aptly named Power Up and available in Apple’s signature white and Twelve South’s red.

TWelve South coffe mug

And lastly, my favorite piece of merchandize—a $29 Quit Starring T-shirt, made from sixty percent cotton and forty percent polyester.

TWelve South T-shirt

The new Twelve South swag is available only at

  • Ridiculously awesome

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    I always had the idea of fuel/gasoline-scented perfume or candles (because, let’s face it, who doesn’t find the scent of fuel/gasoline intoxicating?), but this is just as great. The idea of having your room always smelling like a freshly unboxed Mac is outstanding!

    • nova voter

      race fuel candle. YES.

  • tariq

    my mac doesn’t have a scent lol

  • Steve R.

    Considering getting that candle for my friend’s birthday if it comes out on time 😛

  • Jeffrey

    Hahahah the ‘CMD+Q staring’ t-shirt, so nerdy but funny hahah

    • techfreak23

      I would be down to order that shirt if it didn’t have twelve south plastered so largely on the back…

      • Jeffrey

        Yeah… Shame…

  • Mike M. Powell

    That fresh smell when u open the case of ur new apple device. I could bath in it lmfao

    • Mark S


      • Mike M. Powell

        thanks for the correction sir

  • george

    Perfect gift for all isheep around the world.

    • Mark S

      Agreed. This is a new level of moronic for people who have nothing better to do than throw their money away on more crap to attempt to find happiness in their life.

      • sg1969

        I don’t see how it’s more moronic than other scented candles…. to be honest this might be more pleasant than the crappy lavender scented ones everyone use.

  • SJM32

    Is it wrong that I want the candle and the T-Shirt?

  • Jeeeezus….you have to be a serious serious geek for this… Oh get a life….

  • Bacillus

    My psychotherapist says I need this placebo because of the lack of new Macs…

  • sg1969

    I guess it’s cheaper than a new Mac.