macOS Sierra MacBook

Just eight days after releasing the macOS Sierra Golden Master, Apple has released a second version of the GM to registered developers today. Available via the Apple Developer Center, the new GM is build 16A323, while the previous one was 16A320. Scheduled to be released to the public on Tuesday, September 20th, this version of macOS Sierra will most likely be the final version.

It is currently unknown what specific improvements were made to this second build.

  • Siddhant Pagariya

    What?!? The SAME Build Number?

    • Oops daisy. I fixed it. Sorry about that.

      Old: 16A320
      New: 16A323

      • Siddhant Pagariya

        Ha ha! Ok @seb481:disqus! Cool!

  • Hmm.. There’s something about Safari…

  • malhal

    This is likely to fix the mistake the first GM was a debug build complete with logging left on, it was churning out about 10k lines of console logs every 2 mins.

  • Joaquim N.

    You can easily find different builds since day two of the first GM release. There are at least 4 builds around on torrents websites, 16A319, 16A320, 16A321 and 16A322. At some point I downloaded the version 16A320 from the MAS and 3 days later it was already the version 16A322 when I had to download it again.

  • rockdude094

    Its so slow on my macbook air

  • Adele Narcotics

    How can i download rn?

  • 4pp1e

    Since upgraded to first MG my 2012 airbook fan never stoped ! anyone else or just me ?

  • Josiah

    I can’t find it anywhere