Although Samsung’s latest Galaxy S7 flagship smartphone series proudly boasts the 3.5mm headphone jack, the South Korean conglomerate may also remove the industry-standard jack from its next-gen Galaxy S8, reports Digital Music News. Internally code-named “Dream” (Galaxy S8) and “Dream2” (Galaxy S8 Edge), these devices may replace the 3.5mm jack with a proprietary port.

The company is said to be “actively” and “aggressively” exploring the possibility of releasing a proprietary headphone jack to see how viable it would be.

According to details shared confidentially with Digital Music News from a pair of sources operating out of South Korea, both of whom are involved in the broader supply chain of Samsung’s smartphones:

Samsung’s proprietary jack would be designed with all Android manufacturers in mind, with easy and cost-free (or extremely low-cost) licensing to encourage adoption. Strategically, Samsung’s move is being considered a potential “death strike” against Apple, with the entire ecosystem of headphone manufacturers suddenly faced with a choice.

Using the numbers game, Samsung and its army of Android allies hope that headphone manufacturers will prioritize their proprietary jack first, leaving Apple deprived of newer, more interesting models.

More importantly, Samsung is aiming to severely marginalize Beats by Dre headphones, acquired recently by Apple in a deal valued at more than $3.1 billion.  Other headphone manufacturers are suddenly standing in line behind Beats, but could rally behind the competing Samsung jack to effectively marginalize Beats.

If the rumor turns out to be true, people who use iPhones and Galaxies may soon need to carry two adapters because Samsung’s proprietary solution most certainly shall not be compatible with Apple’s Lightning technology.

On the other hand, one of the claimants says Samsung engineers are pushing to boost the overall sound quality of any updated jack, “but few really believe that a fidelity boost will be realized or noticeable”.

As you know, Apple has solved wireless audio quality, reliability and power consumption issues with an in-house designed W1 chip, its first bespoke wireless chip that improves Bluetooth reception and streaming quality in power-friendly ways.

AirPods W1 chip

Samsung should unveil its forthcoming devices at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2017 or at a separate press event in March 2017.

Apple’s justification for the removal of the headphone jack involves both philosophical (the future is wireless) and pragmatical reasons boiling down to saving space inside the device for improved components like a tweaked Taptic Engine, a bigger battery, a new Force Touch sensor and more.

I’m very eager to hear Samsung’s excuse for replicating Apple’s move.

Mockup top of post via PhoneArena.

Source: Digital Music News

  • Leonard Wong

    I wonder how they defend it after the burn they give earlier

    • George

      These jokes were funny for the first few days, get over it.

  • :D

    We need a universal port

    • Michael Bemelmans

      I totally agree with you, just one simple port across all devices so we do not have to buy 1084027894781 different cables -_-

      • Rowan09

        There are only 3 cables for everyone manufacturer right now.

      • L J

        you and your logic. Let the man over exaggerate. Cause it’s annoying to carry around multiple cables PERIOD.

      • Rowan09

        You carry around multiple cables? I have my iPhone and Beats 2 Wireless. I charge the Beats at home and only need my iPhone charger. I get what he’s saying but this we need only one cable for every company is not a big issue because there’s only like 3 different types.

      • Mike

        You always say you have a Samsung S6

      • Rowan09

        I don’t own a S6 I have the S7 Edge, but I didn’t say anything about Samsung. The Beats use the same micro USB slot as most Androids.

    • Ernie Marin

      No one uses their factory headphones on an iPhone to begin with, honestly the fact that it took this long to begin going full wireless amazes me and hopefully iPhone 8 supports full wireless charging.

      • Rowan09

        What’s full wireless?

      • SkyFall

        No need for the phone to touch the charging pad.

      • Wilber Alexander Flores

        Exactly and that’s stupid. Rather use my 10ft cable and be able to move it rather than sit it down pick it up and lay it back. I can charge and move around what will I do with that? Hold the base and phone up?

      • Hieu Bui

        what’s stupid? rumors around that apple is looking into it, wireless charging without having to place the phone on a pad

      • Rowan09

        I think he made a mistake because it’s far from stupid.

      • I don’t think they realized through air charging vs on pad charging. I misunderstood as well and thought it was stupid. Most people have nkt yet considered true wireless charging. Most people think you need a pad and most people also beleve that samsung is the reason why it was invented.

        I hope that people here are better educated on the matter as wireless charging that enables free range use of the device in question is real. It is only very bulky and not practical and not light weight enough and there haven’t been confirmations of its impact on health.

        So stay tuned, stay informed and know that eventually, unless they find out wireless charging hurts living things, we will have this eventually. Just wait another 10-20 years.

    • Abhinav Chaudhary

      Not really, all we need is wireless earphones. When apple unveiled the lightning earphones i knew they are not gonna work out so the solution is WIRELESS.
      No more worries about ports just go wireless.

      • L J

        but their ugly 🙁

    • ClaudieX X



      We HAD a universal port.

      • :D

        A universal digital port

  • igorsky

    Of course they are. The obsessive stalking continues.

  • malhal

    Why is no one reporting that the W1 chip is likely for Apple Music DRM? Double compression would ruin the quality which has long been the problem with Bluetooth headphones so that’s bound to be what it’s for.

    • Martynet

      I think you are about 10 years behind with quality of bluetooth audio. I have Audio technica WS99BT over ear headphones, supporting both AptX (osx) and AAC (iOS) codecs and let me tell you, they sound as good as my €500 cable headphones I have sitting near my iMac at home. I’m never going back to the cable while commuting or in the office.

      • malhal

        Some people’s ears are more sensitive to audio compression artifacts than others, for example some people can notice AAC or MP3 being transcoded to Apple’s BT AAC which uses 250kbps compared to wired headphones. It will be interesting to see if the Airpods can overcome this, Apple are supposed to be working on improving wireless audio quality.

      • Martynet

        I’m telling you, no one would tell a difference between wired and good quality BT headphones, If we are talking about same signal on both – 16 bit /44 kHz.
        If your ears are really good, you might tell a difference if there is highres audio signal in wired headphone, like 24bit/192 kHz for example. Which is not happening for 99.9% of users because they don’t own good external DAC worth €600 and headphones worth €350 and more.

      • Martynet

        I was thinking that maybe one of the reasons Apple removed headphone jack was to use better DAC and increase the quality of all the music in iTunes to 24bit/96 kHz. Maybe that is the plan for the future and it would be amazing.

    • Ernie Marin

      And?, they have every right to put DRM if you haven’t bought the song.

      • malhal

        Just because they should come clean rather than say “audio quality, reliability and power consumption” when the real reason is DRM.

  • Golicza Alpár

    I’d be okey with ditching the 3.5mm jack if it was replaced with a universal port like for charging and one for accesories or just one that comes with a splitter.

  • Danny

    Hmm following apples lead to remove the 3.5mm. I don’t think anyone is surprised here.

  • Dao Sasone

    As long as you can charge and listen at the same time while using oem headphones then who cares. Idc if the even loose all buttons and make it 100 digital. As long as its done rite.

    • 5723alex .

      As long as you can charge and listen at the same time while using the Note 7.

      • L J

        and explode

  • Gabriel Anaya


  • Hieu Bui

    Sorry Samsung, there will be no battle. Headphones manufacturers will go all wireless as a Bluetooth chip is the one thing that every smartphone out there can drive a headphone with

    • ravinigga

      Yea the manufacturers are not surprised that Apple removed the jack. They saw it coming a long time ago

  • Chindavon

    Good luck with that.

  • tariq

    Looks like my next phone is not gonna be Samsung or Apple :/ maybe one plus..

    • Rowan09

      Why because of no headphone jack? You know everyone will remove it right? If the two best selling companies worldwide is doing it, everyone else is just going to follow their lead.

      • tariq

        Well, there’s always LG, Sony, OnePlus, and Huawei and plenty of other companies that might not. But if they do, I’ll hold on to 2016 generation phones for s long as I can

      • Rowan09

        Yes and they follow the leaders, so it will be replaced at some point.

  • Crim Nino

    So like me and fellow members already called it. Apple did it and so now will Samsung. Funny how they support Samsung doing it but bash Apple? So who’s behind in times apple or the rest who are copying?

  • Leslie Bee

    If Samsung were to go with the standard USB-C plug instead of something proprietary, they could very well put Beats where they belong–in the trash.

  • Please tell me people are stupid and DRM doesn’t mean the headphones will decide if I get to listen to music. I’ve not had iTunes tell me what to do. And besides I’ve heard worse about Apple Music deleting entire libraries of ripped music. All owned physically and forcing people to download and pay Apple to listen to them.

    Simply put: don’t pull crap from your rear ends. iTunes hasn’t as well deleted all 5000 songs of mine and mad me to repurchase 1000-3000$ worth of music.

    Maybe I’m missing something here.