Apple Watch nike plus several

Trevor Edwards, president of the Nike brand, went on stage at Apple’s event today to announce a collaboration with Apple regarding the Apple Watch. Called Apple Watch Nike+, it’s not just the watch, it’s your “perfect running partner” that delivers an elevated running experience.

But wait, is it a separate Apple Watch model or an app?

Well, both.

The hardware itself is obviously Nike-branded and comes in four specially created colorways. The device itself is, of course, preloaded with Nike’s app.

You have a shortcut on your watch to take you directly to Nike’s app, or you can use Siri to summon it. The app itself was designed to give you at-a-glance overview of your stats, with an advanced mode available as well.

The app motivates you with insightful invitations to let you know you’re falling behind your workout regime. You also get reminders every Sunday to join other runners around the world on a run. Lastly, users get automatically enrolled in Nike+ Run Club, giving them access to live runs around the world.

The Apple Watch Nike+ will be available in late October.

  • Mike M. Powell

    just do it Sundays….someone get shia labeouf on the phone

  • I have to admit I kind of want this one. If I upgrade my Apple watch I just might get the nike edition. At least one thing it has going for it is that it’s the same price point so if I like the exclusive features moving forward it won’t cost any extra to keep them.

    I’m still baffled by the fact that Hermes watches have an exclusive face that forces people to buy a new Hermes watch every time they upgrade to keep it. If I had spent all that money on a custom leather band and loved the watch face I’d be really bummed to find out I’d loose it getting a stainless steel watch and keeping my fancy band. Talk about forcing people to spend money…

  • CtKiDd78

    They should have that band available in different colors as it looks very nice and sporty. This was the only thing that really caught my attention with the new apple watches.

  • I just want the watch bands!