Apple September 7 event wallpaper ar7 splash

Last week, Apple sent media invitations for the upcoming September 7th event, assumedly announcing the iPhone 7. The newest flagship device is expected to hold the same form factor as the previous two iPhone generations, with marked improvement to the cameras, waterproof capabilities, and the audio experience. But, you will need to decide for yourself if losing the 3.5mm headphone jack is truly an ‘improvement.’

The media event invitation always causes a flurry of excitement across the wallpaper sphere. Repeatedly, iDownloadBlog’s most popular wallpaper posts center around media events and device launches. Our Wallpapers of the Week section aims to curate images that are chronologically relevant or just awesome walls! Step inside to see one final collection of September 7 event wallpapers.

September 7 Apple media event wallpapers

The following collection is an original set of wallpapers by digital artist @AR72014. You can find his inspired, original creations below for the upcoming event. If you are hoping to add more of his awesome wallpapers to your device, download his self-titled app, AR7, which I keep on my personal device.

Apple September 7 event wallpaper ar7 inspired logo

Download: iPhone with logo; iPhone with logo & date; iPhone without logo

Apple September 7 event wallpaper ar7 ipad

Download: Apple Watch; iPhone; iPad (including Pro); Desktop (2560 x 1600)

Apple September 7 event wallpaper ar7 custom1

Download: iPhone

Apple September 7 event wallpaper ar7 custome2

Download: iPhone

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  • Jayy

    Lol don’t roast me, I know what my iPhone looks like. I’m just trying out new looks, trying to find the perfect look for my phone I just switched it from this other look I had going on!
    (This isn’t my best look lol)

    BTW iDB team if one of you guys are reading this it would be cool to have a dedicated place for your readers to post up there jailbreak setups to inspire other jailbreakers. Also it would bring more traffic to the site I believe!

    • Julio Hernandez

      What tweak do you have to get the time and date looking like that on the lock screen?

      • Jayy

        It’s a tweak called miniTime using the MIUI style

    • Eliijah Moss

      You were the same dude from last year who said the same thing. Trust me, the team is well aware of what you are thinking. They are probably finding away to go about things. As for me, I’m long done with jailbreaking. I’ll leave it to the ones who have an acquired taste.

      • Jayy

        Yeah most likely it was me who requested that. It’s something I really want. There is Reddit, and YouTube channels that show setups but I’d like iDB to be the “one stop shop” if I’m saying that term correctly. Also I respect that your over jailbreaking, but me personally I already hope there is a untethered iOS 10 JB cause there is a few things I would like to change already.

      • Eliijah Moss

        Indeed. But from the looks of how things are with today’s jailbreak, I am atmost posotive that we won’t be receiving a fully untethered jailbreak for IOS 10. There are a plethora of reasons, but it’s a matter of pin-pointing the logical ones. However, since I don’t believe in the term impossible, it’s possible. Time can only tell though.

  • Mike M. Powell

    Wallpapers r pretty sick

  • h4nd0fg0d

    My homies for my haters!¡ lol

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Haterz gonna love

  • Ángel Javier Esquivel

    I just realized that they look like city trafic lights and sht, when looking through the window on a rainy day.

  • Max Delsid

    All those recreation wallpapers look really bad. The only good one there is the source image from the Apple website. Whoever made those sucks at photoshop.