September 7 splash

Apple just announced the iPhone 7 media event, to be held on September 7. Their invitation has sparked many comments and additional rumors about the content of the media event. “See you on the 7th” could hint at many different announcements, but perhaps the strongest is optical or camera upgrades.

Per usual, the goal of our Wallpapers of the Week series is to highlight photo quality images for your iOS devices. Apple media event wallpapers for iPhone are always our most popular posts. These images are submitted to me via Twitter @jim_gresham. If you would like to add your images, simply send them my way.

Step inside for the latest download, in a post that will be updated throughout the day!

September 7  Apple event wallpapers

September 7 Apple Media Event Wallpaper Apple Invite iPad

Download by @Axinen: Apple Watch; iPhone, iPad (Pro); Desktop

September 7 event wallpaper apple alex willum

Download with smaller bokeh by @Alex_Willum: iPhone

September 17 Apple Media Event iPad Pro

Download by @AppleBetasDev: Apple Watch; iPhone; iPad (including Pro)

September 17 Apple Media Event iPhone alternate

Download by @AppleBetasDev: iPhone alternate

Event Wall @doknos13

Download by @doknos13: iPhone


Download by @iM4hdi: Apple Watch; iPhone; iPad; Desktop (2560 x 1600)

iMahdi-2016-iPad-wallpaper with text

Download by @iM4hdi: Apple WatchiPhone; iPad; Desktop (2560 x 1600)


Download by @iM4hdi: iPhone

Check back later as we’ll try to add more wallpapers here.

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  • vijaynsingh

    I am thinking of new product line of VR.

    • ericesque

      They may be getting into the private space race as well. Mars by 2025?

    • Elias Chao

      I can’t remember where, but I saw someone who said that the top(ish) left corner gray dot (the one who is not part of the apple silhouette), may represent a new product line.

      • Jayy


  • Chindavon

    Watch icons. Maybe a round watch? Heck, they had two years for version 2, why not?

  • e brake

    Last photo is from a tweak. Hiddenwallpaper??

  • rockdude094

    Deep blacks and colours.. seems like a new display might be in order