os 10 beta 6

Apple has seeded the sixth beta of iOS 10, watchOS 3, macOS Sierra, and tvOS 10 to developers today. These new beta software versions come a week after the previous versions. Touting the usual bug fixes and improvements, these betas aren’t likely coming with new features, but rather with small adjustments to both the UI and existing features.

Additionally, Apple has also made available the fifth beta of iOS 10 to testers who have registered to be part of the Public beta program offered by Apple to non-developers.

iOS 10 includes new features like a completely redesigned Music application, extensions for the Messages app, a brand new Home application to control HomeKit-enabled devices, and more. Here are some of the updates that could be found in the previous beta release of iOS 10.

tvOS 10 comes with more subtle yet useful additions, such as single sign-on, a feature that will let users sign on once via their cable provider to automatically login to all supported TV apps on Apple TV.

watchOS 3 has also seen its fair share of new features. Maybe most notably, the Friends feature is now gone and replaced by a more useful Dock which can contain up to 10 applications that are refreshed in the background to offer an almost instant launch time. For reference, here is what was new in watchOS 3 beta 5:

Although there is no official release date for these new software versions, iOS 10, watchOS 3, and tvOS 10 are expected to launch in September, likely a couple days before the launch of the new iPhone, if history is any indication of the future.

We will be back later with a detailed post highlighting the new features in iOS 10 beta 6. In the meantime, feel free to let us know if you find anything newsworthy in any of these releases.

  • It seems it’s been released for Public testers too

    • Jeiivy

      What’s new?

      • john snow


      • Not an awful lot by the looks of it.

        From the Release Notes PDF:
        • Search hints will now function as expected in the Messages Store.
        • When launching an iMessage app extension from iOS Simulator, the app extension should no longer be blank or stop responding to touch input.
        Siri will now provide an appropriate response when a request requires a removed app

      • Jeiivy

        Wow hope they can add pictures on Message conversations

      • Not sure if I’m misunderstanding what you mean, but sending pictures with messages has been available since iPhoneOS2

      • Jeiivy

        Nah what I mean is having the contact pictures in the side of the conversation like the jailbreak tweak

      • Lakisha Johnson

        What iPhone you have

      • Zack Morris

        They do for group text.

      • Zack Morris

        It shows on group texts.

      • besrate hogsa

        Making it more stable
        We have enough new features for now
        Don’t expect anything new

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Just saw that this morning was going to report it…..lol

  • Zack Morris

    Most of the remaining bugs have been fixed-at least for me on the 6s.

    • Rei

      Question: Can you enter a landscape only app and go to the appswitcher? That has been the only bug that I’ve ever found now on my iPod 6G (I use Android so I don’t need two phones!), once entering landscape mode the wallpaper would be blurred on one side, while the other is clear.

      • Zack Morris

        i don’t think i have or at least remember a landscape only app. Although any app I have in landscape does allow me to use the app switcher. the wallpaper is blurred on both sides. so I guess this solved your issue?

  • Bob

    Finaly the nightmode has been activated!

    • Zack Morris


    • Y2J

      Uh, really? Can you post a screenshot?

      • Alberto Espinal

        He is trolling

      • Y2J

        Ok I figured. Loser lol. Thanks man

      • Rei

        Haha, expect that from a guy named Bob! Am I right?

      • Y2J

        … My uncles name is Bob.. Nah I’m kidding lmao. Now that you mention it I don’t think I’ve ever met a fun Bob?

  • Pieter Stephenson

    no update on macOS.. Please don’t lie 😀

  • John Smith

    They still never fixed the bug where the screen doesn’t pan around where you’re typing if it’s in desktop mode. Pisses me off.

  • Zack Morris

    Anybody else have no notifications for ESPN. Stopped working with iOS 10 beta 3.

    • p1noyako

      Maybe ESPN app is not yet compatible with iOS10. Remember this iOS is still in beta stage so iOS apps are not yet updated until its final release.

      • Zack Morris

        Agree. That what I wasn’t sure about since it worked for the first few betas. Not complaining since it’s beta but wanted to confirm it with someone else.

  • besrate hogsa

    wow! beta 6
    More bug fixes before the official release

    • Rei

      I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a Beta 10 considering how consistent the updates are coming out!

      • besrate hogsa

        IOS beta 10?
        I think this is the end of the beta ☺

  • I want this

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    I’m only interested in knowing the following:

    1) has it fixed the issue where invoking Notification Center always puts us in Notifications view? Some of us use Notification Center only for widgets. In iOS 8 and 9 when opening NC and leaving it in widgets view and swiping away NC and then invoking it again will bring it back into widgets view, or whatever view it was set to last. iOS 10 doesn’t remember what view NC was last seen in.

    2) the occasional slow response time when typing with the stock iOS keyboard.

    • Zack Morris

      1. Yes. Fixed for me in latest beta.
      2. Yes. The iOS keyboard seems a lot more responsive. No noticible lag anywhere the keyboard shows.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        How has the NC issue fixed for you? For me it’s the same since the 1st iOS 10 beta. NC won’t remember what last view I was in, which is the Today/Widgets view–the only view I’m interested in. It also throws me into Notifications view (which I don’t ever use) each time I invoke NC.

  • hawley perkins

    Hey y’all, reach out to cybershadow1616@gmail.com for any hacks you need.

  • Sailor_V90

    I still hate the music app and I’m still waiting to privatize select photos.

    • Heatfan316

      Not sure what’s to hate. Nice album view. Lyrics and much cleaner interface. I like it better than Spotify.

      • Eric Ortiz

        How do you pull up the Lyrics?

      • Heatfan316

        It’s in iOS 10 at the bottom of the song….if they’re available

      • Rei

        I should really get into Apple Music but I’ve already been a Spotify user for a while, I guess it’s time to start listening to some Taylor Swift, eh? Not trying to be mean lol, but I think that it’s worth it at this point!

  • Multiple devices and _6 Betas! I’ve been without a jailbreak for far too long….

  • Rei

    I might prefer IOS 10 over a jailbreak! If these could get ported (I’m looking at you, widgets!) then I’d be very happy. I also want to see the press home to unlock as well as the awesome features—nevermind! I think that I’ll buy another device just for it, another iPod? One for the 9.3.3 jailbreak and another for the IOS 10 Beta, I already use a Rooted Galaxy S7 Edge as my primary phone, but I’m still a huge fan of IOS but I gee the best of both worlds!

  • Leslie Garcia

    Yes it is and I love the new look