Beijing Enterprise Certificate iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak

Apple recently revoked the 1-year enterprise certificate for the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak, which is why you don’t get it anymore when you jailbreak with Pangu. Instead, you get a 7-day certificate that forces you to side-load the jailbreak app from your computer every week.

On the other hand, it is possible to get the 1-year enterprise certificate on your iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak right now, but you have to do a little trickery. We’ll show you how in this tutorial.

Why to install the 1-year enterprise certificate

As we explained in a detailed post on Friday, the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3 relies on certificates. There are three certificates that you can get: 1) a basic free certificate that lasts 7 days, 2) a paid developer certificate that lasts 1 year, and 3) a paid enterprise developer certificate that lasts 1 year.

If you don’t want to side-load the Pangu app every single week, then you need either the $99/year developer certificate or you need to get your hands on the Beijing enterprise developer certificate that was bundled with the original Chinese jailbreak tool for Windows.

Since no one here probably wants to pay $99 out of pocket to have a jailbreak, the latter is the best option. The only problem is, the jailbreak tool doesn’t install the enterprise developer certificate anymore because Apple revoked it and it can’t successfully install through the tool anymore.

On the other hand, you can use a tool like iFunBox for Windows to force-install the Beijing enterprise developer certificate on your jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 device. This doesn’t require you to restore your jailbroken device, and you can complete the steps in under 5 minutes.

Please note: This method hasn’t been tried long-term. It’s unknown whether or not it will work for a long period of time or if it will expire just like other certificates due to being revoked by Apple this week. Proceed at your own risk.

And we’ll show you how!

Is there anything you have to do beforehand?

Make sure you’re already jailbroken before proceeding. I recommend using the English version of the Pangu tool, because it’s the easiest to understand. We have a tutorial for using it that will help if you’re unfamiliar with jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3 with the English version of Pangu.

After you’re jailbroken on iOS 9.3.3, you can follow this this tutorial to install the 1-year enterprise certificate on your jailbroken device. This should keep you from having to side-load the app every single week.

The iFunbox app is available for both Mac and Windows, but we’ll be showing you how to do this in Windows for this tutorial.

Keep in mind that this process will uninstall the English jailbreak app from your device and re-install the Chinese jailbreak app on your Home screen. That’s the only major caveat to doing this, but it still works.

How to get the 1-year enterprise certificate

If you’re ready to arm your jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 device with an enterprise certificate that will last a full 365 days, then you’ll need to follow the steps below:

1) On your jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 device, Delete the current jailbreak app by entering ‘jiggle’ mode and tapping the X on the icon.

Delete the current jailbreak app iOS 9.3.3

2) After the app has been deleted, you want to reboot your device to enter ‘no jailbreak mode’:

iOS Slide to Power Off

3) Once you turn it back on, enable Airplane Mode from Control Center by tapping on the Airplane Mode toggle button:

Turn on Airplane Mode

4) Next, plug your jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 device into your Windows computer with a MFi-certified Lightning cable.

5) Download iFunbox on your computer, and also download this IPA file that was bundled with the original Chinese jailbreak tool.

6) Right click on the iFunbox installer and choose Run as Administrator.

iFunbox Run As Administrator

7) When prompted to allow the installer to run, click on the Yes button.

Allow iFunbox on your PC

8) Now choose English from the language list and click the OK button:

English then OK

9) When the installer opens, click on the Next button.

iFunbox Installer Next

10) Now, choose I accept the agreement and then click the Next button again.

Accept Agreement iFunbox Next

11) Click Next again when it designates the default installation path:

iFunbox Install Path Next

12) And once again, click Next after leaving the Start Menu folder alone:

Start Menu Folder iFunbox Next

13) Now click on the Install button that appears:

iFunbox Install

14) After all those next buttons, the iFunbox app will finally start installing on your computer. Just be patient:

iFunbox Installing Progress Bar

15) You will now be prompted to Run iFunbox (make sure to check the box if it’s not already), and then click on the Finish button.

Finish iFunbox Installation and Run the App

16) The iFunbox app will now open on your computer. Make sure to open the Manage App Data tab, and then click on the Install App (*.ipa) button.

iFunbox Install App IPA

17) Select the IPA file you downloaded earlier, and then click on the Save button.

Select IPA File and Save

18) iFunbox will now begin installing the jailbreak app on your device:

iFunbox Installing Pangu IPA

19) When you see this screen, it’s finished:

Pangu App All Done iFunbox

20) Now if you look on your iOS device’s Home screen, you should see the PP/Pangu jailbreak app:

PP Pangu Jailbreak App Home Screen

Note: All of our old jailbreak tweaks and apps are still on the device. They will continue to work after we finish this tutorial.

21) You can now disable Airplane Mode via Control Center.

22) Open the Settings app and navigate to General > Device Management.

Trust Beijing Enterprise Certificate iOS 9.3.3

23) Tap on the Beijing enterprise certificate, and then tap on the blue Trust button.

24) In the pop-up that appears, tap on the red Trust button. The enterprise certificate is now trusted on your device.

Note: Now that the enterprise certificate is installed and trusted on your device, all that’s left to do is boot your semi-untethered jailbreak into a jailbroken state.

25) Next, go to your Home screen and tap on the PP/Pangu jailbreak app to open it.

Launch PP app Home Screen

26) When prompted to enable Push notifications, tap on the blue OK button.

PP Pangu App Notifications

27) Tap on the circle in the app, and it will turn into text.

PP Pangu app tap on circle

28) Press the sleep button on your device to lock it. Shortly after, you should see a storage full notification, and a notification from the jailbreak app.

Cydia Installing Push Notification

29) Continue to wait, and your device should respring. When it does, you can launch Cydia from your Home screen again:

Cydia iOS 9.3.3 iPad mini 2 Pangu

Congratulations! You’ve just installed the 365-day enterprise certificate on your jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 device.

What you need to know

In theory, this should keep you from having to side-load the jailbreak app every single week. It should last you an entire year.

On the other hand, I have seen some scenarios where the certificate will randomly disappear from the Settings app, and when that happens, you will need to go through this process all over again. It’s not currently known what causes this to happen, although one theory is that iOS is smart enough to trash revoked certificates.

Unfortunately, you can’t just use Cydia Impactor for this, because Cydia Impactor is designed to side-load IPA files using your Apple ID, not enterprise certificates.

You will still need to boot semi-untethered every time that you reboot your device, but this process, which we explain in this tutorial, does not require a computer and takes only a moment to do.

Wrapping up

This method seems to work in getting the 1-year enterprise certificate on your jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 device. This should allow you to enjoy your jailbreak without any tampering for a full year.

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Did the process work for you? Share in the comments below!

Thanks Ahmed AlNeaimy!

  • Joe Bingham

    If I jailbroke my iPhone with the original Chinese, Windows version of their jailbreak tool, am I good to go, or do I need to redo it to get the 1-year certificate?

    • You can check under Settings > General > Device Management to see what type of certificate you have. If it says Beijing, you’re good to go already. If it says your Apple ID, you should follow this tutorial.

      • linkincyde

        thanks for fixing Anthony! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Joe Bingham

        I have the Beijing certificate. Thank you!

      • No problem! Now cross your fingers, and hope it lasts the whole year ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Rei

        Thank you, I had this certificate before and I removed it after the English app came out. I’m still very interested in the 3rd party alternatives such as Mojo Installer, etc. Thank you for this!

      • Axl Feliciano

        what if i have no profile what do i do then

  • Mac users are like Android users, second class citizens

    • Rei

      That was uncalled for lol I absolutely love the GS7, I use the iPod just to have IOS as a testing platform.

    • True.

  • linkincyde

    where’s the IPA file?

    • Linked in the post in step 5.

      • osm70

        Actually, it’s not. You linked to an IPA installer.

      • Sorry, fixed.

      • linkincyde

        thanks for fixing, Anthony! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Fatejester

        I went back to rejailbreak with the safari one. Got Beijing cert. This is honestly the most stable jb I’ve had as soon as it first came out. Compared to the others of pangu and pp.

  • Shasirax

    So, what will stop Apple from revoking this accounts privileges then?

    Won’t they just block that one as well? Am I missing something?

    • It’s already revoked. But once it’s on your device, it’s already there and Apple shouldn’t be able to do anything. That’s the theory anyway.

      • Rei

        Ah, I see! Trying to install it from the device will prompt you with the error but doing it this way forces it!

      • Right!

      • Fatejester

        Ok. I had the original pangu/pp jailbreak. I sideloaded the English version then went through this tutorial. I have the Beijing certificate again. And everything works good. Am I safe from the “shady” part now? Sorry for all the questions.

  • Juned Vaza

    So I don’t need to re-jailbreak after reboot?

    • You never have to re-jailbreak after rebooting. Ever. All you ever have to do us run the jailbreak app after a reboot to boot semi-untethered. The semi-untether process, and the certificate process, are both separate.

      • Juned Vaza

        Thanks captain

    • Rei

      You do.

  • Saulo Soares

    It doesn’t work anymore. I got the same errors as this guy here:

    • Alexander

      I’ve deleted the App and now im getting these errors too!

      • Saulo Soares

        Me too! I jailbroke it 2 days ago but had some issues and today decided to re-jailbreak. Nothing seems to work!

      • jim

        just jailbroke it for the first time and is still working

  • ็”ตๅคฉๅ ‚

    I jailbroke with Safari only. 7 day expired for me so I follow this tutorial?

  • Diego Milano

    I used the original Chinese jailbreak at the first try without having to go through all this hassle and I still have the enterprise certificate.

    • Wonderful. Let’s hope it lasts the whole year!

    • Rolf Bause

      Both ways are very convenient. But for Mac Users this is actually easier I think ๐Ÿ™‚ Has anyone tried this with iMazing? Well, I would assume that it would work too.
      But as far as I can see, there is no way Apple could prevent that during that year, so we’re definitely good now ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Diego Milano

        I am now officially jailbroken on iOS 9.3.3 and living the dream, hehe. And performance is indeed MUCH better compared to iOS 9.0.2 so it wasn’t a myth after all! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Rolf Bause

        Told ya ๐Ÿ˜€

      • nfinite

        same with you.. 9.3.3 performance is much better and smoother overall, not a myth at all..

      • Rolf Bause

        Pangu just confirmed that the Chinese app will, as a matter of fact, simply update and switch out the certificate, before it runs out ๐Ÿ˜€ So yeah, perfect!

        (And all the other stuff about security issues with the Chinese tool and PayPal hacks and whatnot, were apparently total BS btw, like I actually expected from the beginning.)

      • Diego Milano

        Yeah, I just added my thoughts on that iDB article, I think people should stop for a second and take many things into consideration and use brain power on top of emotional response.

  • Faisal Al Zehrani

    I jailbroke my iPad Air 2 using Chinese tool so I’ve got 1 year certificate?

    • Yes you have the correct certificate installed. Cross your fingers now and hope for the best!

      • Faisal Al Zehrani

        Thanks Anthony appreciated dude… Hope for the best…!!

  • Jordan

    Perfectly working! Thank you very much guys for all your work!

  • Iskren Donev

    Has anyone tested if the tutorial would work with the Mac version of iFunBox?

    • Rolf Bause

      I haven’t tried, but I’m pretty sure it will ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m sure it probably would.

      • Iskren Donev

        I tried it and it works like a charm. Now let’s just hope that Apple doesn’t spoil our fun!

  • Adrian

    So, if my cert stops working, I can just reboot & run the PP app as usual right? I JB with the imokels Safari tool last week. No issues yet

    • Rolf Bause

      For a year – yes!
      And after that, there will probably be sth. new already, or at least a new cert =)

    • That’s the theory. If it stops working, you’ll have to side-load again. There’s too much confusion to know for sure right now. Just play it out and hope for the best. We’ll find out in a week right?

  • Axl Feliciano

    Aloha in general i have no profile after i jailbroke no chinese char nor my apple ID

    • What happens after you reboot?

      • Axl Feliciano

        Use the PP app it worked I just have no certificate what so ever

      • Axl Feliciano

        yet i just did my ipad pro 9.7 and got the Chinese certificate go figure

  • Y2J

    Alright I’m a little more interested in the JB now

    • Rolf Bause

      And you can probably turn back the date on your device after a year, and install the app again. Definitely not the prettiest solution out there, but a solution ๐Ÿ™‚
      Or you could start to sideload (annoyingly) with Impactor.

      And all that, even if from now on absolutely NOTHING would come in in our favor ๐Ÿ™‚
      So yeah, Apple can, at the absolute max, annoy us to death with this ๐Ÿ˜€

  • droid3000

    so does the jailbreak just disappear? cause i have everything still on my phone but the pp app is not working

    • No nothing disappears. You just need to side-load the app again to re-gain the certificate.

  • Guilherme Furlin

    I got this error while stalling the .ipa in the end! Somebody please help
    ERR: Instalaรงรฃo do pacote falhada (-402620392)

    • Pรฎrvulescu Radu

      enable Airplane Mode

      • Gabriela Furlin

        I did that from the begging, but this error kept heppening

  • Is this certificated to be trusted? Saurik said something about how he doesn’t really like this method. Now I’m really on the fence again on rejailbreaking my iPhone.

    • I will just stick to using Pangu. The people who find it inconvenient can use this method.

  • Hi. We did not get this from you. Detailed instructions were emailed to us almost 24 hours ago by one of the guys at TotoaTeam, whom we credited at the bottom of this post.

    • BlackStab_IRQ

      Well, my post on reddit was the first post about this issue on the net so ….

      • I have nothing to gain arguing with you about this. Trust me. When I saw your comment yesterday, I immediately checked the time stamp on your Reddit post which showed as posted “14 hours ago,” which means it was roughly published Saturday early morning.

        However, we received detailed instructions via email on Friday night. These instructions were forwarded to Anthony who wrote that post Saturday morning.

        Again, I’m not trying to take credit away from you. We do source stuff from Reddit at times and we always properly credit. We don’t have a problem with that at all. In this case though, the source is someone else who alerted us hours before you published your post on Reddit.

      • BlackStab_IRQ

        Its okay, I trust you guys. I’ve been a long follower on your blog, and thanks for clarifying things.

  • Drake McGowan

    Why not just use a cydia tweak to install apps without a certificate people have been doing it with pirated apps forever now

    • Rolf Bause

      Because Pangu couldn’t destroy KPP (Kernel Patch Protection), it apparently seems to get increasingly difficult to find an exploit. So they are rather working around it with this JB this time, kinda defeating it by actually not defeating it.
      Because KPP is still intact, every time you reboot, all your cydia apps, tweaks and cydia itself are not working anymore and you can’t open them.

      Only way to re-enable the JB, is to still have an App that will open nonetheless of course. And the only way to do that, is by signing it. In this case, with the 1 year enterprise certificate. Clear?

    • Rolf Bause

      Because Pangu couldn’t defeat KPP (Kernel Patch Protection) this time, it apparently seems to get increasingly difficult to find an exploit (feel free to find the missing bug and make it untethered for all of us ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).
      So they are rather working around it with this JB, kinda defeating it by actually not defeating it. Which is quite clever really, because it probably will be very, very difficult for Apple to do anything against that.
      Because KPP is still intact, every time you reboot, all your cydia apps, tweaks and cydia itself are not working anymore and you can’t open them.
      Only way to re-enable the JB from your phone, is to still have an App that will open nonetheless of course. And the only way to do that, is by signing it. In this case, with the 1 year enterprise certificate.

  • sajal kadyan

    i couldnot see my tweaks on setiings and even on home screen after downloding but in cydia it shows installed what to do know?????

  • tariq

    I love that Anthony is answering all the questions below. It helps a lot! Most bloggers usually dont comment.. Keep it up IDB(: you guys are the best

    • Trying my best! I don’t know the answer to every question, but we’re all learning as we go with this jailbreak.

      • ikang

        how to check our certificate exp date?

      • Rolf Bause

        I think the thing is: There just hasn’t been so much excitement for quite a while about a new JB, that’s what keeps everyone going ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Rolf Bause

        Anthony, do you by any chance already know, if the “safe mode” is still going to be good for anything, with this new JB?
        If I had to delete a tweak for ex., that would cause everything to crash right after booting.
        Now, when I boot in safe mode, I can’t open Cydia anymore. And if I run the JB tool in safe mode, I will obviously boot again into regular mode. In regular (JB enabled) mode I couldn’t do anything, because it crashes ๐Ÿ˜€

        How could I get a faulty tweak out of there again? I sure as hell hope it will never happen to me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hazmat

    Thank you iDB it worked like a charm and saved me from headache ๐Ÿ™‚

  • japonlindo

    Two things to clarify.

    1) Your device doesn’t have to be jailbroken beforehand.

    2) Mac users also can use this method.

    • Rolf Bause

      1) Yes, It does not. But I actually think it’s still safer that way. Because we don’t know 100% for sure that both install methods (Pangu and simply copying it to your device like any other IPA) are absolutely identical.

    • Gabriela Furlin

      So why I keep having this error
      ERR: Instalaรงรฃo do pacote falhada (-402620392
      while stalling the .ipa in the end???

      • Diego

        same here

      • Gabriela Furlin

        When you turn on the airplane mode, you cannot turn on the Wifi! Wifi must be off!
        That was the problem for me. When I turned off the wifi, this error didn’t happen again

      • Diego

        it is off.
        just airplane on.
        same error

      • Gabriela Furlin

        Then I’m not sure how to help you. Try again. Be sure to turn the airplane mode on before plugging your phone to the computer. I just tried again and it just worked out.

      • Diego

        working now, I restarted my windows and now it worked.

  • Nikku Dori

    successfully all step completed .
    now this profile will run 365 days? means 1 year?

    • Rolf Bause

      Yes until end of April next year. And Pangu confirmed that it will actually automatically switch to a new cert, once this one is about to run out ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Atul Mann

    Hey Anthony- I’m getting error while installing the ipa from says- ERR: installation failed..! I tried everything… Any help?

  • zachary wolcott

    Anthony you are the man bro, thank you. This, in my eyes, was the only down side to the 9.3.3 jailbreak. Props to you.

  • dorkix

    Hello, i have a question ?

    If i jailbrek my iphone with new id, can i change it after i jailbrek to my old apple id, or not.

  • Kieran Rosevear

    As odd as it may seem I’ve never actually had to trust any certificate as every time I would run this jb the profile never appears in settings and I can just open the jb app from the start without having to trust it? My apple account is a paid devs account but that shouldn’t make a difference, should it?

    • Rolf Bause

      As long as you didn’t use Impactor and your Apple ID, it probably shouldn’t, that is correct.
      But there have been some really strange reports, people having no certs at all (maybe it just doesn’t show for some reason), people having multiple instances… idk man ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ricky Omar

    Idownlodblog you can also use the Cydia Impactor and avoid all those steps just drag the IPA to the Cydia Impactor and Voila it will install in your device avoiding to do all those steps you posted easier. 12 3

  • Braden Sincere

    I followed the steps and installed the Chinese version. Later I replaced it with the English version. Now , no matter how many times I delete the app or I untrust it, the Chinese version will just randomly appear on my home screen. How do i permanently delete this app? Is there a way through ifunbox?

  • David Nikol

    my cydia keep crashing even tho i follow the article

    • Jorge Arturo Palomino

      same, i dont know what to do now.

  • ColorYellow

    ERR: Package installation failed (-402620392) on 5s ios 9.2 anyone can help?

    • Diego

      same here.
      9.3.3 iPhone 6

    • Jorge Arturo Palomino

      make sure your on airplane mode during the installing.

  • Tony

    Apparently its not working for me, once i hit the big blue button i press the sleep button and my phone crashes and resprings. no chance of getting those two messages on the lockscreen.

  • Diego

    Im getting a error while trying to install the IPA (ERR: Package installation failed (1))
    Can’t install and can’t even use Cydia Impactor too.
    Saysing the is im Maintence.
    So I’m on NO JAILBREAK MODE stuck.
    dont know what to do

  • Keith S.

    So, just to clarify…if you have NOT yet run the jailbreak on your device, and are just starting fresh now, this approach will still work? (And, for that matter, is it still working? Seems like a lot of “not working” posts in the last day or two.)

    I JB my iPad on 9.0, but waited too long for it to get more stable before doing my phone, which is still on 8.4. I’m leery about bumping up to 9.3.3 unless I can at least get the certificate for one year — side-loading once a week is just not something I can stomach.

  • truth

    do u need to use the chinese windows version of the JB for this method to work?

  • Non Nin

    First i was installed english version of JB pangu on iphone 6s plus, pangu shown that JB succedded, i can install all oficial apps from itunes and syncios, but cannot install cracked, i dont’ understand why ?
    Today i tried to instal this 1 year china certificate, i did all two times as in the instructions written but didn get this two messages about storage almoust empy and pp message. strange, so, still i can iinstal cracekd ipa. Can someone instruct what to do ? By the way later i try to install in general china this first version of JB (because i thougth that maybe english version not full JB my phone still message shows that it is JBked.) so, i get til step of apple it, i entered my apple it email and in second line password but program shows that is not ok, and no further steps, very sad. Maybe when i did first with englihs verions jn, these they registered my email and now is not possible to do second time china full JB ? any way, for me it seems that IOS somehow avoided instaled english JB, despite pangu ipa shows this that JB succedded. very strange problems.

  • Ben$

    Is it workable that we use cydia impactor instead of iFunbox to sideload this IPA of Chinese version?

  • Jokadaking

    I used ifile to check and the certificate only last till April next year. Hopefully a better jailbreak comes out before then

  • Dylan Arrington

    I did this 5 days ago and then it stopped. What do I need to do to do it again? I tried these steps and it won’t work.

  • Kenji Ishimaru

    does this only works with 9.3.3? what if my phone is running the software 9.3.2?

  • Vic Levanh

    my iphone 5s 9.3.3 cannot do. i try many time. one my iphone 6s 9.3.3 i work no problem

  • czbird

    Woke up this morning – iPad rebooted itself through the night and there was no more jailbreak. And it could not be entered with the pangu app – it said it had failed. The bejing cert was still there. But jb mode was not available. I ran this tutorial and I’m able to enter JB mode again. Thanks.

  • andythecurefan

    Came here to say that a month later, this method still works to obtain the 1 year cert. 8/29/16. I was having a problem on my buddy’s iPhone 6s running iOS 9.3.3

  • Nathaniel Pellegrino (iNatie)

    When I try to trust the developer, a popup comes up saying I need to connect to the internet. I jailbroke iOS 9.3.3 on this device before, I have it connected to wifi, and I can open webpages, but I don’t know what happened.

  • Mark

    if you used impactor ornigally for mac all you have to do is delete them app then run impactor with the new ipa no need for funbox and verify the app on device after