pangu ios 10 jailbreak demo

Members of the Pangu Team have reportedly demonstrated a working iOS 10 jailbreak during the MOSEC 2016 conference that was being held in China on July 1, according to Stephen Chan.

In a series of photos, published on the conference’s Weibo account, a screencast of an iPhone shows Cydia as a Siri app suggestion on iOS 10’s new widget screen, as well as Cydia running on the same device.

Of course, this is still far from suggesting the team of hackers has anything to release at this time, but this is nonetheless pretty encouraging.

Tweets related to the event have also suggested that Pangu Team answered questions from the audience, hinting that they will release a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2 shortly. The authenticity of this claim is very questionable at this time, so take this with a sizable grain of salt.

What is sure is that Pangu Team has something for iOS 10 in the works, and this is worth getting excited about. Now let’s just hope it materializes into something end users like you and me can benefit from.

The first beta of iOS 10 was released to the public on June 13. While it is unclear what method or exploit Pangu Team used to get Cydia running on this software version, things can drastically change as Apple releases new updates in the weeks to come.

Source: SuperPhen

  • T. Allen

    Can we finally say….FINALLY some promising news.

  • Tom Hopkins

    Great news! I really hope we get that jailbreak soon…

  • McFly

    Please lord, let this be true.

  • Simon Moorhouse

    Good news but might be worth holding of until the GM release of iOS 10 so Apple don’t patch the exploit! Seriously though great news.

    • T. Allen

      That’s where I was pacing the floor on. If they release it for 9.3.2, is that same exploit the one used for iOS 10 if so, will it be patched on GM release. But it is just what you stated. Seriously great news!!

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        The exploits are not yet revealed, as long as it is kept a secret, all Apple can do is search for exploits… and the kernel is unencrypted, so they could find exploits from there too…

    • Fanboy 

      You’re talking about a highly skilled group of hackers that have been doing this for a while… I think they know to wait lol

      • Fevostone

        The thing is the new iphones will be comes out with new hardware so this jailbreak mite not work on the latest so mite as well use it.

  • LeMerlot

    No jailbreak for iOS10, no upgrade to iOS10 – having soo much uber helpful tweaks installed… 😀

    • Ali

      Can you share what Uber tweaks have you installed?

      • Agneev Mukherjee


      • :D

        Unlimited rides

      • LeMerlot

        Sure – here we go:

        iPhone 6S, iOS: 9.0.2
        Installed Cydia Tweaks – and ALL paid if not free ! 😀

        20 Second Lockscreen

        Action Menu

        Action Menu Plus Pack


        AdBlocker 2 (iOS 8+9)




        Anemone and Iconomatic Effects

        App Admin

        AppBox 9 (iOS 9)




        Aria 2 (iOS 8.4+)



        Aura iOS 8



        Banner Sounds


        BetterWiFi7 (iOS 7 & iOS 8)

        Copic 2



        Eclipse 3 (iOS 9)


        Filza File Manager




        FolderEnhancer (iOS 7/8/9)




        KeyShortcut Pro




        Mail Labeler 9



        Navigate From Maps




        Perpetual9 Lite

        PhotoAlbums+ for iOS 9 and iPhone/iPod


        Prenesi 3 for Facebook





        Safe Alarm 2 (iOS 9+)





        Snapper 2

        Speak Notification







        Tape Archive




        VirtualHome 8 n 9

        Volume Mixer 2 (iOS 9)

        WAQuickReply Enabler


        WiFi Explorer


        iCleaner Pro

        iTouchSecure for iOS 9


      • Eliijah Moss

        And your phone is still working with all of this?

      • LeMerlot

        …with some fine-tuning it works like a charm – and still very fast thanks to tweaks like e.g. Dissident.

  • Rondog

    That would be great if we really got a jailbreak for 9.3.2 as many of us are on that ios version, either way i’m not moving from 9.3.2 no matter what. My idevices are working great on 9.3.2, so here I’ll stay.

    • Fatjon Gjoka

      Should i update to 9.3.2 or stay in 9.2.1

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        That’s entirely upto you, you do get Night Shift in iOS 9.3

      • Blip dude

        But you also get f.lux on 9.2 and below.

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        That’s third party

      • john blackock


  • CaptainHappy

    Why rush to to jailbreak the first developer beta?!? Or any beta for that matter. Like, it’s impressive and cool but just wait until the version that’s going to be shipped is out there. And don’t hold an event for it. Apple will find out and undo all the hard work.

    • Greg Warren

      Might as well jailbreak the initial version to see that it’s possible. It’s not like they put out the source of how they pulled it off. All Apple knows is that it’s possible, not the details. Then they test each update to the beta to ensure that it’s still feasible to do. Then when iOS 10 officially drops, they can put out a jailbreak shortly after release (if they choose to).

      • T. Allen


  • White Michael Jackson

    I am on iOS 9.0.2. The move from iOS 8 to 9 was so painful, I might skip this jailbreak. Some many tweaks to reinstall and carefully hone to my liking.

    • T. Allen

      I would stay right where you are.

    • mrgerbik

      there are a few backup packages out there that make things a bit easier….
      Ive been using pkgbackup for a long time – even with its past bugs and arguably bad UI, it’s saved me tons of time

    • Digitalfeind

      5s and 6S on iOS 9.0.2 that will stay put for as long as I can. I have no problems with either iPhone.

  • pnh

    If it’s not available to install on my phone, it’s called vaporware.

  • Kaya

    Ios 10 jb would be a repeat of ios 9.0.x (major mistake)
    ios 9.3.2 jb would be perfekt because it’s stable imho

  • pauleebe

    Really doesn’t make sense to drop it for 9.3.2 at this point.

    iOS 10 GM will be out in 8-10 weeks, and given how long we’ve gone without a 9.2+ jailbreak, using the exploit now could mean no jailbreak on iOS 10 for a long time.

    • T. Allen

      Quite a few people might disagree.

    • Austin

      i think ill still take it… even if it was a week before.

    • Lit

      Well, what if they are using TWO different exploits? For example, Ludesco’s exploit only works for 9.3.2.

  • anonymous

    I’m over the jailbreak

    • Lit

      A lot of features I wanted from jb many years ago have already been implemented by Apple. Only reason I jailbreak now is to tether.

      • Eliijah Moss

        Most iPhines come with the personal hotspot as a setting now.

      • Tim

        True but jailbreak apps like MyWi allows you to connect to a wifi network and create a wifi hotspot at the same time, also shows realtime usage of your bandwidth with a lot of advanced settings you just can’t get on stock.

      • Lit

        That’s correct, but my plan only allows me to go up to 5GB of hotspot. With jailbreak tether, it’s unlimited for me.

      • Simon Moorhouse

        Me too – main reason for me to jailbreak

      • Blip dude

        Not to mention, when I was on a prepaid plan, AT&T never allowed me to tether that data, so MyWi is one of the best alternatives around this.

  • MafiaMagic

    Fantastic NEWS!!!! Since it has been so long I hope It will release after iPhone 7 comes out. If it release before iPhone 7 and Apple patched it. Then got to wait for another jailbreak to come for iPhone 7.

  • Y2J

    Please don’t release anything until the official iOS 10 release

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      Break The Walls

  • Rizal Adikara Djaingrono

    hell yes its about time…

  • Sohail Wahab

    I hope it’s true, so I could finally get rid of the bugs on 9.0.1 on my 6s.

  • ravinigga

    I got iOS 10 beta but can’t downgrade get error 3014 and 3004

    • Simon Moorhouse

      You need to put it in DFU mode and restore in iTunes. Switch off. Press and keep holding power button. After 2 seconds press and hold home button ( keep holding both buttons ) After 10 seconds release power button but keep holding home for 10 seconds. Apple logo will disappear. Plug in to iTunes and restore. One thing to keep in mind is you can’t restore an iOS 10 iCloud backup on to 9.x…

      • ravinigga

        Still no luck get again 3014.

  • njdan30

    Same old song and dance. They jailbroken a beta all know beta software and public releases are not the same. Kinda like Luca and the orders that showcase a while lot of useless info. The betas are not secure like gm so don’t get your hopes up any time soon.

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    Honestly, an iPhone without jailbreak is like a girl without boobs.

    • Smegmatron

      Still boobs bro

    • Ah ah, you are right 😀

  • Diego

    Should`t release 9.3.2 before apple release 9.3.3

  • Alberto Espinal

    How many people here would pay pangu for the jailbreak if they decide to release it as a pay jailbreak, with that being said I strongly believe that this will motivate any team to release a jailbreak sooner to get that money first, I particularly will pay if they ask anything from a reasonable price for everyone to pay, this question was ask by a Youtuber as well, what do you guys think?

  • I’ll believe it when I see it. They said release was supposed to be July 1st. We going on the 4th tomorrow. These sites are losing credibility.

  • James Scheid

    So if I’m on 9.3.1 should I upgrade to 9.3.2 while Apple is still signing it before they release 9.3.3

  • john blackock

    just add this bullshit rumor to all the other false rumors since march. everytime some asshole tweets about ” hearing there will be a a jailbreak” everyone starts jerking the cocks in anticipation only to get fooled into believing this crap. maybe someday someone will post a fact and not rumor. it would stop all the nonsense.
    it is july 13 and we have been hearing there will be a new jailbreak released in june, on july 1, on july 4, first week of july and by the end of the month. its all lies and rumor. if a jailbreak does come our for 9.2 or 9.4 apple will upgrade and patch it and stop signing so you cant downgrade. that is what they do and they have done a good job of it. I hope their stock falls to 2 bucks!!!