ih8sn0w ios 10 beta jailbreak

iOS hacker iH8sn0w has demonstrated on video a jailbroken iPhone 5 running iOS 10 earlier today, offering a glimpse of hope that Apple’s latest version of its mobile operating system that debuted in beta last week, could be eventually be jailbroken.

In the video, iH8sn0w goes on to prove the device is indeed running iOS 10 by deleting the Mail app, and showing off the Maps application. For good measure, and to prove his jailbreak is of the untether type, the hacker also reboots the device. Cydia is also showed on screen.

No information about this iOS 10 jailbreak has been shared, but given that it is running on a 32-bit device, we will assume it is based on the same iBoot exploit the hacker has already demonstrated a couple years ago. If that is indeed the case, the potential for an iOS 10 jailbreak for newer devices such as the iPhone 6s would be almost inexistent, though those findings might still be useful.

Once again, nothing groundbreaking to look at here, but still interesting to look at nonetheless.

  • Scott Curry

    That device runs pretty fast for a 5. Are we sure it’s not an SE? I would assume an SE, except that he used passcode instead of touchID to unlock the phone. I am also assuming he would only do this is touchID wasn’t available.

    Otherwise, I don’t see anything else that suggested this isn’t an SE. (I’ll admit I could see clearly enough if it showed when he went to the settings.)

    • Lit

      I thought the SE has touch ID. You should be table to see the difference by the glossy ring.

      • Nirvana

        Yeah, iOS 10 is surprisingly smooth on ih8sn0w’s phone, also it’s a 5, home button module in the 5 is different from SE’s

      • Perhaps Apple improved iOS 10’s performance on the iP5

      • Nirvana

        performance improved across all devices, i can confirm that. still stutter here and there but it’s still beta, forgivable

      • Sleetui

        What are the kinks? Small animations?

      • Scott Curry

        It does and that was my point, that even though the SE has touchID, it’s not required to use to unlock the phone. My SE looks identical to the phone in this video. I actually think it’s an SE and not a 5, which would mean he has the ability to JB a 64-bit device…

      • vabe

        It’s an iPhone 5 in the video without doubt. You can see the model number (MD642C/A) when he opens the Settings, and also on the bottom of Cydia (iPhone 5,1), they all refer to the iPhone 5.

      • D. Trump

        Also the home button is different. One has the old one and one does not

    • Scott Curry

      For everyone’s reference, here is the home button on my iPhone SE. I really don’t see a difference between it and the one in this video…

      • D. Trump

        The home button on the SE is different. Yours doesnt have the square in it. The one in the video does.

      • Bill

        People are dumb. They just see a round button and can’t discern little details. Idiocracy…

      • Scott Curry

        I missed a detail. Thanks for pointing it out in auch a polite manner Bill. How’s being a dickhead working out for you anyway?

      • Bill

        It’s the ONLY detail. You couldn’t even pay attention in the slightest before spouting off.

      • Carldini

        I’m with Bill

      • Scott Curry

        I didn’t realize posting a comment without any rudeness or sarcasm counted as ‘spouting off’.

        I guess it’s a good thing I’m not accountable to you…at all…in life…on Earth…

        Get it? Now sod off and go cornhole your mom or whatever it is you usually do with your drunk afternoons. K Thx

      • Bill

        That’d be YOUR mom, actually. Will do. Thanks. 🙂

      • Legend

        Good work bill. People need to learn how to use critical thinking before posting nonsense. Obvious iPhone 5. Shouldn’t of even had a second thought after looking at the home button.

      • ‘Ariff

        I too am with bill

      • Blip dude

        You see the square that’s on his home button that isn’t on yours. That and the fact that only the iPhone 5 & iPad Mini 1 were Black & Slate, not Space Grey.

      • Scott Curry

        You’re absolutely right. I totally missed the square…lol

  • Yeah great. We know that iOS 10 is jailbreakable. Apple is going to patch it anyways.

    • Chris

      Not if they don’t know what the exploit is

  • Jim Hart

    The iPhone SE has a Touch ID button. This phone doesn’t.

    • tiltdown

      Yeah thanks for the info. 🙂

    • Scott Curry

      And how are you certain it doesn’t?

      • D. Trump

        Thats how. Look at the different home buttons. TouchID on the left, non touch ID on the right.

      • Bill


      • Scott Curry

        Screw off Bill. It was a simple mistake.

      • Bill


  • Bugs Bunnay

    I hate snow…

    • Bill


  • zoLa siWisa

    Why would you show your weapons and strategy to an enemy?!?!?!

    That’s how I feel when the developers show us their great exploit on a jailbreak on beta version, instead of working on mastering the jailbreak while waiting for a master version. Why do you think Apple patch them as soon as they find or see some of the public forums or blogs

    Please come with a solid jailbreak not all these teasings

    • xcxv

      He probably wants Apple to notice so he can get paid to keep it private

      • zoLa siWisa

        That can be true

    • sg1969

      chill, all he did was show that it’s jkailbroken, he didn’t show HOW it’s jailbroken. What’s Apple going to do about it, really? Also iOS10 is still in beta so maybe this exploit is already patched, and that’s why he showed the jailbreak.

  • You know what’s more promising than getting a new jailbreak? Halo coming to the PS4.

    • Steve Harvey

      This made me smile!

  • So what about the iOS 9 jailbreake

  • Mike T4

    I thought 5 wasn’t getting iOS 10. Might upgrade someday if it gets jail broken publicly. Or just stay on ios6

  • gg915

    IOS 10 is really clean, I felt a difference in speed even in newer devices.

  • Quilliv

    Lol! Lol lol l O Llllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bill

      loL LoL lOl

  • ShadowBlader

    Man I really hope we actually get a new jailbreak soon. I really want to be able to jailbreak my 6s plus. Would be cool if it is on ios 10.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Thanks for showing us it can be done ih8tesn0w, but we know it can always be done…

  • Johnny V

    Lets All talk About The REAL Elephant In This Video….How Can We Get That Awesome Verbose Boot Splash Screen And Boot Up….I Miss That From The OLD Jailbreaks =]

  • ShadowBlader

    Who even still has an iPhone 5? This is useless.

    • Bill

      A lot of people still do. It’s still a great phone. Not everyone buys a new phone every year or even every other.