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Photos in iOS 10 is receiving a major upgrade with several major new features and a few noteworthy improvements. For starters, Photos in iOS 10 has a dedicated Maps view similar to iPhoto for Mac which lets you browse your photos on a world map, based on where you took them.

More importantly, Photos now features facial, object and scene recognition that uses advanced computer vision and deep learning techniques to recognize objects on photos locally on the device, taking advantage of the power of Apple’s A-series of processors.

Because the photos are examined locally on the device rather than on Apple’s servers, your privacy is assured. Apple says that iOS 10 performs a whopping eleven billion computations per photo to recognize faces, objects and scenes.

Another new feature in Photos for iOS 10: Memories.

Taking advantage of advanced artificial intelligence which scans your entire Photos library to cluster together the photos that might make sense to you, Memories can surface trips that might be relevant, photographs relevant to last week or last month, pictures of people that are special to you, topics like the beaches, mountains and so forth.

The new facial recognition in Photos in iOS 10, along with object and scene recognition, also works on the Mac and the new Apple TV.

How do you like iOS 10’s much improved Photos app thus far?

For more info, check out Apple’s iOS 10 Preview webpage.

Source: Apple

  • Sailor_V90

    Sorry I’m not feeling The Photos update. For me it feels too cluttered now and I’m just not feeling the whole face recognition and maps album set up. Idk maybe I have to use it to change my mind. And I’m so surprised they didn’t introduce a lock mode to make certain pictures private.

    • James G

      If they added a lock mode for some photos I doubt they’d highlight it in this presentation. We’ll see once the beta is out.

      • Sailor_V90

        One would think they would, as seeing how that would be a privacy concern, but who knows.

      • James G

        It highlights people being private with content that’s already on a secure device. Honestly, most people who want to hide photos on their phone is because they’re trying to hide it from someone they know. Not something Apple would necessarily want to highlight is all I’m saying.

  • James G

    I love that the facial recognition is being done on device instead of in the cloud, thus running faces through Apples servers. Google would keep that kind of data which is frightening.