wwdc 2016 ios 10 features not mentioned

In typical fashion, Apple used a portion of its WWDC keynote to go over some of the major—or “tentpole”—features coming in the next version of iOS 10. There’s a more powerful Messages app, a new HomeKit app, redesigned Music and News apps, and more.

But obvioulsy Apple couldn’t cover every new feature today, so it offered up a sneak peak at some other additions and improvements we can expect from the update. The slide you see above names 30+ new features coming in iOS 10, and we’ve listed them below.

  • Read receipts by conversation in Messages
  • Autocorrect improvements for Korean & Thai
  • Definition dictionary in Danish
  • Location suggestions in Calendar
  • Discover in iBooks
  • Bilingual dictionaries in Dutch & Italian
  • Found in Messages
  • Definition dictionary in Traditional Chinese
  • Live Photos stabilization
  • New iPad Camera UI
  • Improved Auto Enhance in Photos
  • Rest & Type iPad keyboard
  • Brilliance adjustment slider in Photos
  • Mail filters
  • CarPlay on ultrawide screens
  • Bedtime alarm
  • Avoid tolls in Maps
  • Mailbox column
  • Mail suggested move folder
  • Sort Favorites in News
  • Faster FaceTime connectivity
  • Markup in Messages
  • Live Filters for Live Photos
  • Faster attachment sending in Messages
  • Siri for South Africa & Ireland
  • Air quality in Maps for China
  • iCloud Drive Documents folder
  • Side-by-side Mail compose iPad
  • Male and female Siri voices for Russia, Spain & Italy
  • iCloud Drive Desktop folder
  • Air Quality Index for China
  • Faster Camera launch
  • CarPlay app reordering

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  • Kyle McNulty – Mclovin341

    I’ve found
    New keyboard sounds
    Updated categories in App Store
    3D Touch on all apps
    “Add to news” icon on the share tab on safari

    • Steve Harvey

      worse bug

      • Rowan09

        Also when you reply from the lock screen it goes to sleep.

      • techfreak23

        Did you read the known issues in the release notes…?

      • Rowan09


      • igorsky


      • Rowan09


    • Add to News tab already exists in iOS 9 Safari

    • Steven S.

      The add to news has been there.

  • 9to5Slavery

    Can we get a video

    • roygelbart


  • All I need is swiping on the default keyboard or voice dictation on 3rd party keyboards.

    • Shinonuke

      Swipe and night mode

      • Julio M.

        Well said

  • Greg Warren

    So I wonder what happens if you delete an app that is deeply integrated in the system, like Mail. Does this mean we can now select our own default apps? Here’s hoping.

    • John Wickham

      You get a system dialogue that says you’ll need to reinstall the app to use integrated features. Not all apps can be deleted.

    • Y2J

      You can’t delete default apple apps?

      • Julio M.

        New feature, watch the keynote.

      • Flabalanche

        Not in the keynote so maybe you should watch it 0_o

      • Julio M.

        Maybe when I get some time after work. I guess that came out snarky, thanks for reminding me by replying the same.

      • Y2J

        Wasn’t on the keynote but I did just read about it, so my bad. Really excited about this feature tho!

      • Steve Harvey

        Only some

      • Kyle McNulty – Mclovin341

        You can’t delete all stock apps but the ones you can you can re download them from the App Store too which is kinda neat

      • Y2J

        Yeah I corrected myself down below. I am really excited for this feature tho, finally no more pointless folders

      • Greg Warren

        In iOS 10 you can.

      • Louis Cameron

        Yes, you can in iOS 10.

      • Y2J

        Yes, I know. I corrected myself. I also now have the beta. You people don’t need to keep replying to this lol

      • xoFoxtail

        You can delete most of them

  • Jayy

    They didn’t mention dark mode cause it will be a iPhone 7 exclusive feature due to limitations on older devices 6s and below.


    • Mike M. Powell

      No lie I kinda believe they will do that or slap it in the future betas. Plz quick compose n cc custom. All I need to leave jailbreak D:

      • Jayy

        Yeah I’m joking, but at the same time I believe they would do that or if they see people complain they might add it in iOS 10 beta 4-5 or something… & yeah I have a feeling I’m still going to JB iOS 10 at the first chance it get!

      • Mike M. Powell

        I’m thinking bout giving up my JB for iOS 10 cuz I want the ip7 day1 (pre-ordering). N I like how smooth my phone gets when I’m in no substrate mode .-.

      • Jayy

        I’ve never tired no substrate mode and I’ve been Jailbroken on my 6s plus basically since It got it on released on 9.0.2. You have to hold the volume up button on power up right?

      • Mike M. Powell

        E’yup!. The more I’m on stock the more I just wanna try iOS 10. Or just upgrade to the latest. No lag or nothing. 9.0.2 is quite buggy but I love my minimal tweaks n themes to much to leave 🙁

      • Jayy

        I know exactly wha you mean!

      • Kyle McNulty – Mclovin341

        I believe they will also! As this is how the clock app is for me at the moment, feel as that’s just a test for future betas

      • Mike M. Powell

        Just like how the “notes” app is the only app to have the pass protection feature o.o

      • Jayy

        I also see that Apple gave more capacity space with iOS 10, but this that is only beta 1

      • Jordan

        Is there a dark mode feature I’m not aware of for iPhone on 10? Doesn’t have yellow buttons like inverted colors, looks like a dark mode…!?

      • Jayy

        Oh no sorry, my iPhone is currently Jailbroken!

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        You have the most beautiful jailbroken interface on the planet.

      • Jayy


  • askep3

    What is “read receipts by conversation”?

    • Scotow

      Want to know too.

    • LeyLey

      When you send a message to someone and you can see if they read it or not…Can be turned on when you go in Settings > Messages > Send Read Receipts

      • askep3

        I know what read recipients themselves are, but what is the “by conversation” part?

      • LeyLey

        Simple…You might want to turn it ON for your girlfriend only and have it OFF for everyone else…or vice versa!

      • askep3

        Ohhhh, read receipts per conversation that makes sense, thank you!

      • Jayy

        Yeah I was confused too, thanks for the explanation. It’s kinda sad that I couldn’t figure that out! Lol

      • LeyLey

        Apple is good at making something simple look fancy with just the name lol

      • Jayy

        Lol they really are!

    • blakezx

      i think youll be able to see if they read the text without opening the thread

      • askep3

        That’s already possible with 3D Touch

    • mm13

      Currently read receipts are universally applied and as noted above by LeyLey can be turned on or off. In iOS10 you’ll be able to select individual conversations for which read receipts are applied. i.e. coworkers won’t be informed if you’ve read their messages, while a partner will be informed.

  • LeyLey

    **Correction** Male and female Siri voices for Russia, Spain & Italy

  • rockdude094

    The raise to wake feature does seem like it would go right in place with an OLED panel. Not sure if apple will include that on the iPhone 7, even the dark mode is missing so i guess we aren’t gonna see that this year

    • John Smith

      These are the only few options left to Jailbreak for me. If Apple implemented these, I’d probably no longer need a jailbreak ever again.

      – file browsing system
      – customizable Control Center
      – customizable Messages app (UI, though bottom of list)
      – SwipeSelection from Cydia, not this poor excuse of swipe we got so Force Touch won’t be seen as a gimmick. Now Force Touch has way more uses so I’m hoping Apple will ditch the Force Touch swiping and adopt the much more reliable tweak version
      – Dark Mode. Dark Mode. And Dark Mode
      – Set default apps
      – customizable multitask. Card Switcher, old iOS 6 switcher, iOS 7 switcher, etc. (Again, low priority)

      They’re so close to making the perfect OS.

      • Douglas L. Warren

        I would also like to be able to hide and/or pin conversations in messages app.

  • 35Tyreek

    What is “Found In Messages” ?

    • James G

      Maybe search related?

    • Greg Warren

      I would think it’s message searching by keyword, which is currently terrible.

    • Timothy

      I expect it’s like the currently available Found in Mail feature, where it will suggest contact information and events that it’s found in your emails.

  • Y2J

    Ah, I’m so happy about read receipts by conversation. Please please just surprise me with dark mode and I’ll be happy with iOS 10

  • jmember12

    What happens if you delete your contacts app?

    • iByron

      You no longer have a Contacts app on your phone. Unless you’ve installed a 3rd party option like FullContact

      • jmember12

        Damn, so if dumb people or anyone deletes it by accident then its gone…

      • Swanny246

        nah, you can reinstall from the App Store.

      • BobNation

        they said that your contacts would still be there, as the Phone App cannot be deleted.

      • jmember12

        Surprisingly you can delete it now lol

      • iByron

        As the article notes, any “stock” app that’s deleted (which doesn’t actually delete the app and functionality, just the visible link to it) can be downloaded from the App Store at any time.

        Delete it. Decide you need it. Get it back.

      • BlackSheep_dsg

        just reinstall from the AppStore, not there yet though

  • iByron

    Can Apple Music finally do landscape mode?

    • lukemul69


      • BlackSheep_dsg

        it does help you, if you go partially blind when listening to music though

      • iByron

        Dang! All of the other Apple apps can do landscape. Why, Apple? Why?

  • Actually a few of those items were mentioned in the Keynote like the iCloud Desktop Folder and the Live Photos Stabilization. The things that I noticed right away that no one mentioned (at least that I saw) is the TOTALLY new health app (which I hate BTW), the new tabs and watch face manager in the Watch App, the new folder effects, etc.

  • Steve Harvey

    New accessibly settings like screen tent.

  • John Smith

    I think the Scribble feature will be the most beneficial for tutors with iPads. The students could call them with questions, or type it out, and the tutor on the other end can draw everything out step by step while explaining along the way. I see so much educational potential with this.

  • hush

    Front/rear and filters buttons have switched places in camera app.

  • Victor Del Campo

    Also noticed the flashlight has 3D Touch support with 3 functions

  • 5723alex .

    You forgot the “delete pre-installed apps” ?

  • Mesut

    I use Turkish keyboard but on WWDC they said we can see other language’s suggest on prediction part. I couldn’t. Could you guys? While typing turkish i can see turkish prediction words, however when i write an english word it doesn’t show me

  • Mesut

    How to clear cache ?

  • Joseph

    What does the new iPad Camera UI look like? 😮
    Can someone post it 🙁

  • Excited for your video. Thanks in advance.

  • siddique

    Not as expected … Nothing worth in IOS 10

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Bet everyone is happy about the read receipt one! Lol

  • Shlomy Malka

    They need major improvement on the GPS Map app and I dont see it coming.

  • hkgsulphate

    Where is dark mode…………..

  • Mark S

    31 No iblacklist feature. Don’t care about all the junk features you have listed.

  • Autodownload music when adding it ito library. Found it at Music settings

  • M_Hawke

    How about the ability in one tap to select all email? So I can delete them all.

  • Sebastián Junca 

    “Bedtime” is also new, and color filters in Display Accommodations.

  • Chelu

    Hey, did you guys see the accommodation setting under accessibility, were can change the Ui Color!

  • Rock_star

    Now you can share notes with others:)

  • Danny Shepherd


    • Agneev Mukherjee

      “Spelt” is chiefly Brit. “Spelled” is also correct.

  • AliG

    one little feuture in the Phone app:
    When someone calls you and you don’t have their number in your contact, it will tell you from which cities and states are they calling you from.
    Thanks Apple 😉