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German magazine Curved.de recently published an interesting mockup which envisions an iPad Pro dock with vintage Macintosh look complete with a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Released in the early 1990s, the Macintosh LC (“LC” stood for “low-cost color”) was the company’s low-end, inexpensive Mac which due to its Apple II compatibility was adopted primarily in the education and home markets.

“For such a concept to prove beneficial, Apple would have to implement a modified version of its desktop operating system OS X on its Pro iPads,” writes the magazine.

“The LC series sold well and was coined ‘pizza box’ by fans. With its initial sixteen-megahertz processor and ten megabytes of RAM, the computer definitely proved to be competitive,” writes the magazine.

iPad Pro Macinoths LC dock concept Curved image 000

Fast forward sixteen years later and we now have a personal computer with a 2.26-gigabherz dual-core chip with four gigabytes of RAM packed inside the iPad Pro’s thin and portable form factor.

iPad Pro Macinoths LC dock concept Curved image 005

Curved’s concept would make the iPad Pro even more useable as a professional graphics tablet, combining the Mac’s two USB ports and an SD card reader to the iPad Pro’s internal Flash-based storage and its powerful CPU/GPU.

iPad Pro Macinoths LC dock concept Curved image 007

The Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse would connect to the Mac via Bluetooth while an iPad Pro connection would be realized via the Smart Connector.

At the end of the day, it’s only a concept but one that does a terrific job of imagining how cool disguising a cutting-edge computer in retro look would be.

For additional images, check out the source link.

How do you like this retro iPad Pro dock with vintage Macintosh look?

Source: Curved.de

  • Colin Steiger

    Wow! Super Retro! Love it! I once turned an old iMac into a fish tank hahaha

  • Bill

    Looks cool, but they could have omitted the ‘dirt stains’ from the cgi.

    • Fanboy 

      There always has to be something to complain about, eh?

  • A-thought

    But it still runs iOS..why make something look like a computer when it doesn’t even offer a flexible file system like those computers did?