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Apple will be launching new iPhones this fall, likely to be marketed as ‘iPhone 7’ and ‘iPhone 7 Plus’.

Should the company stick to its established S-upgrade cycle, and there’s no reason to believe it won’t, then we should see an ‘iPhone 7s’ and ‘iPhone 7s Plus’ in 2017, right? That’s what conventional wisdom has taught us, but one analyst’s turned that conventional wisdom on its head.

Citing industry sources, Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz recently wrote a lot of nice things about Apple’s 2017 iPhone, which he called a “mega cycle” upgrade that will feature a bunch of significant hardware advances that should help increase Apple’s iPhone sales by as much as 10.3 percent.

An iPhone model that it has in store for 2017 will be so significant that Apple will skip its traditional S-upgrade cycle next year altogether and market the device as an ‘iPhone 8’.

“Silver lining—there might be no ‘S’ cycle in calendar year 2017,” wrote the analyst. “Our conversations with industry participants suggest Apple could skip the ‘S’ cycle next year and instead jump to iPhone 8.”

It will be a completely overhauled phone with some “major design changes” and some long awaited features such as wireless charging, a display based on the superior OLED technology and the front plate without the iconic Home button.

An iPhone without a Home button? Yes, because the screen will have Touch ID incorporated into it, according to Moskowitz. And according to this author, 3D Touch could very well be the Home button killer.

He also added the following (as always, emphasis and edits mine):

“The jump could showcase major form factor changes, including OLED, no Home button and wireless charging. In our view, these potential changes could drive a mega cycle, underpinning our calendar 2017 iPhone unit growth estimate of 10.3 percent, vs. 6.3 percent previously.”

Several rumors have suggested that Apple and its suppliers are pouring billions of dollars into facilities that should churn out OLED panels in volume for iPhones starting in 2017 or 2018. Moreover, all checks indicate that Apple is also moving to integrate its touchscreen and display drivers into a one-chip solution developed in-house.

Photo: Apple’s current iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models.

Source: MacRumors

  • The King

    Sounds like Apple wants to perfect the technology and blow it off as something great and unbelievable. Only tech I see to be new that would be awesome is wireless charging without the base being used. Until that time, Android has been doing this and has this with both the S7, S6, and Note 5.

    • Wireless charging is not wireless if you need to have a mat or base of some sort plugged in. Real wireless charging would be amazing but I think it will be a while before such technology exists.

      • Anonymous

        The technology currently dose exsit in the form your talking about. The technology just isnt cost effiective to be implemented at this time. A tethered mate us the closes will be getting to wireless charging.

      • The King

        Yeah tech for wireless charging I’d out, they just have to figure out money and making sure it doesn’t hurt your body with rays and such.

    • JacktheMac

      Yes, but they’re only Androids, not iOS.

  • Cristian

    Wouldn’t be suprised seeing how the iPhone 7 is gonna be the same design.

  • Kay Dhaliwal

    Looks like they are saving everything exciting for 7S or 8. If these rumours are true, then i think iphone 7 will be the biggest fail ever

  • chjode

    So the 7 is going to offer nothing substantial over a 6?

    • SouthMouth

      Nope just a dual camera n these idiots will buy it as if that’s even somewhat acceptable

      • The King

        The shit that gets me is how long it takes Apple to use the technology that is already out. The Samsung S7 Edge lets you use a memory card on addition to getting 32 GB on board storage. It has the screen, can handle water (not all the way as they make it sound like), has no cheap plastic to it, has this amazing camera in the front and back, and you can do whatever you want without having to jailbreak. Not to mention it’s still thinner than a Plus size iPhone with a 3600 MHZ battery. Is there something I’m missing with apple?

      • Kay Dhaliwal

        S7 edge is not thinner than Plus size iphone.
        S7 edge – 7.9 mm
        iPhone 6s Plus – 7.3 mm
        iPhone 6 Plus – 7.1 mm

        But i do get your point. Apple is all about money these days. Samsung has really stepped their game up past 2 years. I wish s7 edge runs iOS, because android is just terrible. I think i will skip iphone 7 and stick to my 6 Plus for another year or so

      • The King

        Comparing it to my coworkers iPhone 6S Plus and a friends 6 (not a plus), it tends to look thinner. But I checked it and you’re right; numbers don’t lie. I appreciate you seeing the point though, because I feel the exact same way. The 6S is a gimmicky phone and has no true difference. I hate people stating its faster when its barely a few seconds. Apple has been using the “faster, better camera, and iOS update” selling point for so long, and its just the same thing over and over. I wish the edge ran iOS as well since TouchWiz sucks and you can’t root. I would do the same thing, keep the 6 Plus. I would have done that if mine didn’t break and Apple not wanting to fix the phone and attempting to make me buy an entirely new iPhone 6S instead.

      • Rowan09

        You make it seem as if Samsung created any of these categories besides the edge of the screen (useless by the way since you can accomplish the same effect without the edge). Sd cards weren’t on the S6 Edge and now they brought it back, but you don’t get 32 Gb about 23 due to all the bloatware on the S7 which I also own. The Ghz on the S7 is less than the 6Plus, the front camera is the same and the mp count is also the same. Now in November Apple will upgrade their camera again. The resistant thing is kind of a joke because I’ve seen multiple tests with the 6S/Plus and S7 both being frozen in water and they both work. Plus if you dropped your S7 and the glue gets loosen from the back glass, you compromise the water resistant feature. The Active is also the water resistant Galaxy so they did add anything new there either. I have a 1TB wifi cloud hard drive so sd cards are not really a deal breaker anymore on iPhones, there are multiple different options for space now.

      • The King

        Not to go against what you’re saying, but all I read was a lot of justifying Apple’s missed opportunities to build on the customer base. The fact is that the 6S behind what the S7 and the Edge bring to the table. 4GB Ram, powerful processor, amazing battery, an option to use an SD card and stock storage at 32GB (29 GB on the phone compared to Apple’s 11 from a 16GB model. And the price point is the same with tax and all compared a 16 GB iPhone Plus. It’s not about what they created, it’s about what the are using and I wish Apple was using what specs they have.

      • Rowan09

        The phone doesn’t need 4GB of RAM, and it only has 23 GB usable for the S7 Edge which costs the same price as the 6S 64GB (the 16GB cost $649). Just like you can purchase an SD card you can also do the same for an iPhone with the adapter and you can use Cloud Storage which I have my own personal with WD and its 1TB. My point was none of these things are Samsung exclusive and as a matter of fact you can’t use the SD as internal storage on the S7 Edge unlike other phones.

      • The King

        4GB means more smooth processing. Apple fans keep asking for more RAM. Apple wants better battery life, RAM will help. Cloud storage is an option but I’d rather get a memory card and be done with it. I don’t want to be held to iTunes or their cloud service for money. And you can use the SD card as any form of storage. Everything I have is moved onto the SD. Even the internal apps are stored on my SD. Sadly, the point I see here is that Apple doesn’t use tech that has been around for so long. They bring something out like they just figured out how to solve a new way to slice bread. I’m big on iOS and love how smooth it runs without issue, but specs wise and what I do with my phone blows the shit out of an iPhone. What made me switch was no jailbreak for the 6S on 9.2. I’m not looking back, this phone is the best I had. I cannot go back to stock iOS and won’t again because Apple just is still to limited completely despite iOS being the best experience with a phone. It’s just still too locked down and too simple for me.

      • Rowan09

        I have the S7 Edge as well as a 6S+ and it lags a lot and I barely use it. RAM isn’t an issue anymore on the new iPhones and every year no matter what phone, better battery life is always welcomed. The thing that takes up the most space is media and I can purchase (which I have) a WD cloud with 1TB of personal storage, so the SD card argument is not as valid as it was when only 4 and 8GB was available or 16 and 32GB. Android has its openness but it’s more locked down now than when it was first release because Google monetize off of maps, search, etc. If theming is why everyone calls it open or just downloading apps from the web (without signing it like on IOS) then I agree but stock IOS is becoming just as good and in some ways better than Android and vice versa. Android is better in terms of notifications, customization and the ability to download apk’a directly from the web. IOS has a better AppStore, spotlight search is great, one click from an email to track shipments and the way emails looks are better on IOS. Both have Pros and cons but they are more alike than different now. In terms of hardware Apple is never lagging behind, check the benchmarks.

      • The King

        I’m the first one to cry android phones lag, but there’s no lag on my S7 Edge at all. Even when using it on power save mode, there is no lag at all. This is one of the few phones next to my Note 2, that has had no lag when I have used it. RAM was never an issue with iOS because iOS knows how to use small bits of ram to manage their software, but pages having to reload in safari, apps closing themselves after a few minutes of idle because it needs to free itself up for other apps or for the basic features of iOS in the background shows that more RAM would be useful and productive. It also helps battery completely. Not everyone wants to use cloud storage, and I sure don’t. I don’t like leaving something in a cloud, though, it is a good option for those that do. But I’d rather have the physical SD to know I have it and its not somewhere else. And if we’re talking about GB’s, iOS still starts you out at a 16GB model instead of giving you 32 as a starting point like most phones are doing. Android is not close, these are issues with US carriers as you can see with the challenges with rooting the phone only with US carriers but not with any S7 or S7 Edge phone overseas. The issue with iOS for me is that jailbreaking/rooting is needed for me to get a complete experience that I want with the phone. Having to wait for a jailbreak and playing this “don’t update” game is the same thing. Regardless of how some may see Android as being closed, it’s still the best option of openness and I don’t see myself needing root access when I can do everything the moment I remove the phone from the box. I cannot or will not ever say the same for me and Apple until they change their ideas on what jailbreaking is. And I wouldn’t say Apple has a better Appstore anymore. It’s still the best, but I found the exact same things on the Play Store than I did on iOS. And Apple has lagged. Ask those who put a lot of music and videos on their device. It starts to slow down overtime. With updates, the device become slow and choppy. Again, I agree, pros and cons for the two, but right now, Apple is just still far behind from where I would have liked it to be.

      • Rowan09

        I own the S7 and it does lag like every phone does at time. To get a complete Android experience rooting is also needed. When you buy a Samsung phone specifically they have tons of apps pre installed on the phones. Just like not everyone doesn’t want to use cloud storage, everyone don’t need a SD card slot. Come on man the Playstore is a mess, they have too many fan made apps and while some apps are on both, IOS has by far a better selection of apps. Your Android phone at best may get 3 updates to the OS and then it becomes almost unusable and slow. I have a Note 2 as well that’s rooted and has nothing on it and it’s slow as hell. The only thing I want to do with IOS is having a file system. When you root a device it’s at your own risk and if the manufacturer finds out your out of warranty, I believe only HTC recently saw its ok to do so. Jail breaking is great and I love it, but Apple is only closing security holes. I guarantee you that if Apple said you can jailbreak your device but they won’t give you assistance if your device is damaged, etc, you’ll see how many people will come and sue Apple. I don’t wrong Apple for closing security holes, it’s their job. One of the also glaring issues with Android especially Samsung phone is the resale value. When the S7 Edge was just released I bought 2 with the deal they were offering and sold my wife’s because she prefers her S6 Edge. It was sold out in stores and I could only sell it for about $650, the phone was new and I still couldn’t even get what I paid which was $749. I like both OSes especially since I’ve made a lot of money selling fire sticks, etc, but Android is not far superior in much anymore. While Android is open sources, try deleting the Playstore, Google maps, YouTube, or any of Googles services, all those apps are closed not open. Plus the reloading of pages and Apps aren’t an issue anymore since Apple increased the RAM from 1 to 2Gb on all it new phones.

      • The King

        I hear you, I see your points, I agree to some key reasoning and give you credit to your opinion. I think this is just one of those moments, as a loving iPhone users, that I have seen that Apple just isn’t what I use to loved. I say a jail broken iPhone is king. I still agree to that and believe that. But I’m just honestly tired of waiting and see my Edge doing everything my jailbreak did for me.

      • Rowan09

        I understand. I think a jailbroken device is a beast as you said, but I don’t see me getting use to just having Android.

      • Mike

        I understand what you are saying. I have the Samsung Note 5 and my dad has the iPhone 6+. I use to own the iPhone 4 then the iPhone 5s and all my friends had an iPhone. Before I bought the Note 5 my dad told me that are you sure you want to buy an android since everyone uses iPhones. So once my Note 5 came in mail ($579 on eBay after it came out 2 months later) I was showing off all the features that it has and my dad said if I wanted to switch phones with him. The only thing keeping apple users is iMessage. Everything else sucks about iPhone because they are always behind and once in a while they come with something new like fingerprint.

      • The King

        Only thing I miss about my iPhone is being able to face time my girl straight through contacts. I use face book message to do it now. Besides that, it’s nice to download YouTube videos just by holding a button, or seeing a little light in different colors for notifications. I used an iPhone today and kept trying to hit a back button. I don’t see myself leaving my edge until I see what the 8 has.

      • JacktheMac

        Yes, it’s not just about phone features. You’re missing the Apple ecosystem that’s converging iOS & OSX, Apple TV and Watch and giving you a paradise in a walled garden. Every other user experience is second rate.

  • thunderqus

    If there is no home button then where will touchID sit?

    • Hussain Alsanona

      I think you just read the topic and jumped right into comment section.

      • :D

        Can you summarise what’s meant by ‘more’?

      • Hussain Alsanona

        Waterproofing IMO

  • Rowan09

    Makes sense and then re-introduce the S cycle after. Why exactly though is OLED superior to LCD besides of course LED being low power? The HTC 10 is using LCD and it’s 4K.

  • zebonaut

    iphone 7 is not even out; and they’re talking iPhone 8? Whats a buyer to do?

    • rockdude094

      I have a feeling that iPhone 7 is going to be nothing different

  • Jamessmooth

    Makes sense to skip an s cycle in 2017 what with it being the 10th anniversary and all.

  • Jose Rivera

    I’m on guessing they are doing this because in 2017 the iPhone turns 10. We will have had 10 generations this year, but next year marks a significant milestone in the time we’ve had these devices. It would make sense as to why they are doing this. At first I wanted this to just be called iPhone X, but since next year is the 10 year anniversary, it would make sense for them to do a more significant change then.

  • aaa