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Facebook-owned WhatsApp is about to integrate more tightly with the social networking firm’s mobile client, as discovered Monday by German blog Macerkopf.de.

Facebook is testing the forthcoming version update to WhatsApp for iOS which will permit users to export their chat archive as a ZIP file.

Currently, WhatsApp lets you back up and restore chat history via iCloud, so the addition of ZIP chat exporting will make it easier for users to download their instant messages to a computer.

In addition, Facebook is also testing a new WhatsApp integration in its mobile application for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

WhatsApp integration in the mobile Facebook app will make it possible to share posts on WhatsApp by tapping a new WhatsApp icon under each Facebook post. This feature has been in testing in Facebook for Android for more than ten months now.

As for other new features coming in WhatsApp’s update, there is a revamped Welcome screen (pictured below) and the user’s phone number has been added to the Settings interface under the status.

Interestingly, payment information has been removed from WhatsApp as the app recently ceased charging users an annual subscription fee and is now free for everyone.

WhatsApp new Welcome screen

Back in December, it was discovered that WhatsApp has been internally testing the upcoming video calling feature along with a tabbed interface for easier chatting.

Source: Macerkopf.de (Google Translate)

  • igorsky

    Why don’t they just combine the functionalities of Messenger and WhatsApp into one application? Seems a lot more useful than having to switch between the two.

    • Fede777

      Messenger is becoming a platform of its own, I don’t see a merge anytime soon.

  • Elias Chao

    VoIP calls has been there for a while now. It’s been said that they’re testing video calls.

  • Whatsapp need a UI revamp for iOS, just like its Android version.

    • InfinitePlusOne

      nope iOS is good enough as it is

  • People just need to forget WhatsApp and use other solutions that work way better. Telegram, for instance.
    Especially here in Brazil, where this app had become a plague.

    • InfinitePlusOne

      Why, most people are happy with the things as it as. They just need message, whatsapp delivers it.