Four inch iPhone leak MIC Gadget 001

M.I.C. Gadget, which in the past supplied genuine pictures and clips of unreleased Apple devices, today published a video which they claim shows off Apple’s forthcoming four-inch iPhone obtained from a source at Foxconn.

The clip could be an elaborate hoax, of course, but it looks genuine if you consider that the device appears to resemble a four-inch iPhone with an iPhone 6s-style design, as the rumor-mill’s predicted.

For those wondering, this isn’t an iPod touch: notice the power button and the SIM card tray on the right side. But enough talk, give the video a quick watch and let us know what you think in the comment section.

The so-called ‘iPhone 6c’ is expected to come outfitted with a larger battery than its predecessor, the iPhone 5c, and include either Apple’s previous-generation A8 or the latest A9 chip with 1 or 2GB of RAM.

It should also support NFC for Apple Pay transactions and Touch ID. The device is rumored to be up for the formal announcement at a media event in March and go on sale in April.

Source: M.I.C. Gadget

  • Toon

    could be iphone 6

  • Christopher Lim

    Could be someone with big hands. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Guilherme 

    God, please, let this not be iPhone 7’s design.

    • Newgunnerr

      Of course it’s not, people wouldn’t buy it

      • Morgan Freeman

        You really think they wouldn’t? You underestimate people’s carnivorous desire for new things for the sake of having new things. Sick sad world, my friend.

  • mahe

    I can hold my 6s exactly the same way …

    Compare the size of the lightning port to the holes and their distance, it’s exactly the same as on the 6(s).
    Yes, holes can be smaller, screws can be smaller, but not the lightning port and I don’t think they’ll bring a smaller one …

  • Nick

    Well, we all see a headphone jack. Would be a shock to everyone if they just refresh the 6 line-up moving the 7 to 2017. Bad Apple.

  • Preben Faarkrog Hansen

    bring it!!. what one 4″ rocks…. 🙂

  • Todd Chapman

    I think its a 6. why not just put it next to a iPhone 5 in the video to prove its a 4″? or a ruler even.. these videos are just click baiting for views imo

  • Without any proper scale (his hands could be larger than average), it’s hard to tell. At first glance, it really does just look like an iPhone 6. However, this could very well be the iPhone 6c/e/whatever they call it. Only time will tell.

  • dpacemaker

    I say it is an iPhone 6 because why have the tape on the lower back panel to cover up the FCC info when we know it no longer needs to be on the actual phone anymore.

  • Blip dude

    Looks like an iPhone 6

  • rockdude094

    looks like apple’s design team take’s a vacation for approx 3 years before a new design is made

  • newpath1

    Clearly a 6, I mean honestly how stupid do you have to be to think that’s a 4″ screen… That’s why he’s keeping the phone at his fingertips, if he were to palm it it’d be even more obvious