iPhone 7 concept Yasser Farahi 001

There has been lot of talk lately about Apple’s relentless pursue of engineering ever-thinner iPhones. A next-generation iPhone, for example, is said to be iPod touch-thin. As you know, the iPod touch actually has a poorer battery life than any iPhone model simply because it doesn’t have the space for an iPhone-grade battery.

This is prompting some people to wonder if the iPhone 7 should just be as thick as the current iPhone 6s, or even a bit thicker, if that meant boosting its battery capacity for an improved run time.

This poll seeks to figure out if you’d be willing to trade thinness for battery life, or vice versa. So, would you prefer the iPhone 7 to be thinner or have a longer battery life?

Before we get to it, let me just point out that the iPhone 7’s assumedly thinner appearance most likely won’t come at the expense of battery life due to—and I’m just speculating— fewer chips on the logic board, a more power-efficient ‘A10’ processor and maybe even a new screen technology that could greatly reduce power consumption.

That being said, cast your vote now.

In my personal opinion, and as much as I’d like the next iPhone to be iPod touch-thin, the handset already is incredibly thin and certainly light enough. While any further reduction in thinness should yield a lighter device, it’s light enough to my taste.

If Apple can engineer a thinner iPhone without reducing battery life from the current-generation models, than I’m all for it. But if a thinner iPhone entails an iPhone 5s-grade battery life, which was way worse than its predecessor, than I would certainly prefer my iPhone 7 to be just as thick as my iPhone 6s, thank your very much.

And what are your thoughts on the thinner vs. battery life dilemma? You’re more than welcome to voice your opinion and explain the reasoning behind your vote with fellow readers in the comment section below.

iPhone 7 concept rendering by Yasser Farahi.

  • Eric Anderson

    Apple needs to make its phones thicker. I’d rather not have the camera sticking out. Better battery life would be better because they’d be able to stick a bigger battery in the phone.

    • Roland G

      I’m sorry. What?

      • mrgerbik


      • Tommy


  • askep3

    I mainly want the bezels to go away, kinda like the concept art at the top of this post, but maybe even the bezel at the top and bottom could be cut a little, the iPhone 6+ size could benefit a lot from that.

    • Andrieux Querido

      I think that would be a mistake, I have the new Apple tv and every single time i touch the fking pad anywhere, stops the video im watching. Its sooooo annoying this remote, you barely can hold it without stoping the video.

      • askep3

        Can’t you just, you know, not touch the pad and hold the bottom?

      • Andrieux Querido

        I have big hands. and sometimes you are laying on the couch and your arm touches it and pause the video.
        do you have one?

    • Tommy

      I just want the camera to be flush with the casing and not sticking out like some half finished prototype.

  • David J Delgado

    I go nearly 40 hours of standby and 15+ on usage on my iPhone 6s Plus. I honestly have no complaints with battery life, so slightly thinner wouldn’t be bad BUT more importantly is to make the frame thinner. Make the phone slightly less tall and slightly less wide and make the screen more “edge to edge” is what I’d like to see.

    • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

      The Plus models are HUGE. Of course you have great battery life. But what about non-Plus models?

      • Rowan09

        Get a 6+. There’s no magic for better battery life and the bigger the device, the more real estate for battery.

      • mrgerbik

        He probably dosent want a big device.. neither do I

      • Rowan09

        Right but look at all the devices with great battery life and then look at their sizes.

      • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

        It’s too big…4,7″ is my limit, and even that is a bit too big compared to the iPhone 5S’s 4″ that I am used to.

      • Rowan09

        I understand, but if you want great battery life, your going to have to get a big phone.

      • mrgerbik

        Not true.

      • Rowan09

        Where’s the proof stating otherwise? Your phone will either be thick or large.

      • mrgerbik

        innovation and/or a thicker body to house a larger- but phone dosen’t HAVE to be a 5.5″ model (you said in comment that only large phones will have good battery life)

      • Rowan09

        My point still stands. I said only a large phone will give you “great” battery life. There’s a reason Samsung, etc started making bigger phones and one of the reason is bigger batteries. I remembered when the G1 was out of the first Galaxy S, the battery life was just horrible because Android is/was a battery hog. Larger could mean a smaller screen but significantly thicker or bigger phone but thin.

  • William E Wood

    The advent of the Apple Watch loads greater requirement on the iPhone and its’ battery.
    A larger battery would seem sensible and the present iPhones are not very thick.

  • Charles Dean

    Doesn’t matter how thin Apple makes their phones, that’s only to appeal to looks. Battery life is more important. Technology is so advanced now I’m pretty sure you can have a thin phone with a battery that can last a whole day or 2, especially from the “leading company in innovation “

    • Rowan09

      Battery tech is still old and 2 days from a phone would mean a 8000mAH battery plus. If you don’t care about looks and weight then this would be a great thing.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Grown tired of the “race to the thinnest,” I’d like a larger battery and a more EFFICIENT and STABLE iOS. I’m using a 6S Plus as of late, battery life was phenomenal the first 3 days but then that “magical” battery life that I’ve been having and that people have been raving about suddenly went away and only lasts about an hour or two on average more than my old iPhone 6. The next regular sized “iPhone 7” should at least have a 2,000mAh battery and the Plus sized device should have a 3,200mAh at the very least.

  • AnoNymouz

    iPhone 6s Plus…. No complaints here.

    • Seth

      Uhhh, your phone has been plugged in since the last charge.
      Next comment.

      • AnoNymouz

        Haha. Got me! I was just trolling. But continue reading.

  • Furrnace

    Mixed opinions on this. I am currently sporting the 6s Plus. I used the 6 Plus for a year before that. My battery life is WAY better on the 6s Plus, even though they shrunk down the battery a little. I have 60-70% battery life by the end of the day with average-heavy usage! (I charge overnight, so the 6s+ could easily last 2 full days for me). So while I agree that the phone does NOT need to be thinner–it’s already so freakin’ slim that it can easily slip out of your hand, if Apple can pull off the same trick they did from 6 to 6s and get better battery life with even a smaller battery, then sure–go ahead and make it thinner. But don’t sacrifice battery life or performance or new tech to make the thing even more slim than what we have now. I think the thickness now is just right with a thin case on it. But knowing Apple–they will probably trim the thickness down even more, especially in light of all these 3.5mm jack removal rumors. It’s just the way the smartphone market has been.

  • stylesbeyond

    thinner, the battery has always been perfect for a day

  • Slifur

    Pffftt.. Stupid poll. Everybody knows the answer here. Of course we want thinner phone! What would you do with a longer battery life if its not so thin?! Duh!


  • rockdude094

    I think…

  • Here’s an idea: a thicker yet lighter phone. More battery, but less weight. Is it possible? I’m not an engineer, so I don’t know, but it’d be better than less battery, that’s for sure.

    • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

      That could mean compromising the structural integrity of the phone. We don’t want another #BendGate

  • Guy

    Thicker and longer battery life is the way to go. Apple knows iPhone 6 (s) battery aren’t great. Apple releasing their own battery case indicate that.

    • Christopher Lim

      Which is fugly, just to mention…

  • blu

    Keep the 7 as thick as the current models and have better battery life.
    I have a case on my 6s because it feels to light and thin as it is.
    I can say the battery life on both my 6 and 6s are better than any previous iPhone I have had, but longer battery life is always better.

    • baddestsammaritan

      What he said ^

  • Justin Bates

    Someone didn’t proofread their article before publishing…

  • Joonyaboy

    You’re asking the wrong demographic. Apple can’t sell fatter/heavier phones to the masses. The headlines would destroy them.

  • Rowan09

    Should have an option for both. I do not want a heavier or thicker device for a half hour more of battery life. The Note 4 and 5 are thicker and if anyone ever took at look at the battery it’s not what decides the thickness for the most part of a phone.

    • mrgerbik

      2mm (or whatever) and a couple grams heaver compared to hours more usage, I dont see the comparison here….

      • Rowan09

        My point is there are phones thicker than the 6/6+ with the same to similar size battery thickness. I want better battery life of course, but just making a thicker phone doesn’t necessarily solve that issue. In the world of tech a full day is equal to 8-14 hours, I’m assuming they’re using work hours to constitute for a full day.

  • talkRAYdio


    it should have a removable battery , which solves both problems

    • iPhoneWINS


    • Rowan09

      How exactly?

      • mrgerbik

        If you are a true ‘thinker out of the box’ then you should be asking, how not?

      • Rowan09

        Lol, true.

  • iPhoneWINS

    the damn pone si this enough… sky please give proper battery now

  • James G

    …and Space Black please (like iPhone 5). Tired of this Space Grey crap.

  • mrgerbik

    If Apple is making phone cases with built in batteries, you know what the answer should be…

  • iannleon

    There should be an option for the same

  • Bass Head

    can never be too thin

    • Ben Diaz

      Even at the risk of bend gate 2?

      • Bass Head


  • Blip dude

    Considering how bad the battery life has been on both the iPhone 6/6S Plus, yes I would rather have a thicker phone than eyecandy. But we all know with Apple who loves making things obsessively thin, this will stay a dream.

  • Andrieux Querido

    Its very annoying trust me. ( the remote)

  • Andrieux Querido

    but for gaming its awesome

  • Dao Sasone

    Of course better battery. It becomes necessary for those who travels alot and aren’t always at an outlet

  • Galaxy_Surfer_007

    Much rather have it be *thicker* AND *increase* battery life! Not just stay the same…

    I have an iPod Touch 6 and, even if it were twice as thick, it’d still be plenty thin– and could, therefore, have 2x the battery life!

    Our old iPhone 4 has much better battery life– never had to even think about it..but with the IPT, ALWAYS CHECKING!