Apple is in talks with the National Football League regarding streaming rights, reports Reuters. Citing two sources familiar with the situation, the outlet says the iPhone-maker is among a group of tech firms pursuing the opportunity to live-stream 3 NFL games next season.

More specifically, the companies are looking to buy the rights to conduct live streams for all three of the NFL games to be played in London next year. Yahoo hosted a live stream of a single London-based game this season, and by most accounts it was a success for both parties.

It’s unclear if the NFL seeks to sell the rights to all 3 games next season as a package, or individually, or how much it’s asking for the exclusive. The League has also put Thursday night game broadcasts up for bid, but CBS has held them for the past 2 years and is expected to again.

The three games scheduled to be played in London are the Colts vs. the Jaguars on October 2, Giants-Rams on October 23, and the Redskins-Bengals on October 30. Google is also involved in the bidding, and if it or Apple wins the rights, it would be a first for either company.

Source: Reuters

  • Alex Wilson

    AppleTV and others will become a real big deal as soon as they start streaming games sports. As much as I want to walk away from Satellite TV I don’t want to give up college football, namely the Pac12 network. Let me buy a stream & follow to watch my favorite teams, and not the whole enchilada, I’ll sign up in a heartbeat. I believe I read that a deal was close to allow you to follow a single baseball team for the season, but that needs to be done for Football.