Vidyo is a new screen recorder app that recently appeared in the App Store. First discovered by MacStories, the $4.99 app is not cheap, but it works.

By simulating an AirPlay Mirroring connection to itself, Vidyo is able to capture any screen displayed on your iPhone. Once recording is completed, users have the option of doing additional post processing and saving the video to the Photos app.

If you want the ability to record your iPhone’s screen natively without relying on jailbreaks or external hardware, then you better act fast and purchase and backup Vidyo. This app will likely be removed soon, as it features functionality that Apple’s reviewers have previously rejected apps for once discovered.

I’m actually uploading a video that showcases Vidyo in action, but that upload will take a few more minutes [Note: it’s up now]. I wanted to get this post to you as soon as I could, because there’s no telling when Apple will put the axe in this app.


Take it from me when I tell you that Vidyo works just as advertised. It allows you to not only capture your screen, but it also allows you to capture device audio and microphone audio simultaneously.

Vidyo capture

Once capturing begins, you’ll see the extended red status bar indicating capturing is in progress. After you’re finished, simply disable the AirPlay Mirroring session to cease screen capture.

The only real downside that I can see from using Vidyo is that it’s obvious you’re using the app due to the status bar. Other than that small complaint, this app is ace. You can even select the FPS and resolution settings prior to capturing.

For those of you more into compiling the perfect capture, there are even options for enhanced post processing and audio mixing. Vidyo is an impressive app, it’s just too bad that its days on the App Store are limited.

If you decide to purchase the app, please know going in that it likely won’t see many updates unless Apple changes its stance. That said, there’s always a risk in purchasing an app that features a high probability of being removed.

Be sure to back up the IPA file via iTunes in order to keep Vidyo for the long haul. You can always reinstall the IPA and use it for as long as the current version will work with your iOS device.

What do you think?

Source: MacStories

Update: As expected, Apple pulled Vidyo! from the App Store. Were you able to get it before it was pulled?

  • Chris

    Given it works without a jailbreak and doesn’t require you to have it plugged into a USB port for an application such as QuickTime to start the recording, it seems quite good.

    Waiting on the video though.

    • the hood

      At $8.99 (some dodgy exchange rate going on there) in Australian iTunes store, the red bar suddenly became a huge issue.

      • Chris

        Yeah, that part is very annoying but I believe that includes Apple’s fee as well, personally QuickTime on OS X for me is a cheaper option.

  • Nolan I.

    As of iOS 9 you can no longer back up apps in iTunes, due to the App Thinning.

    Your best bet is to actually look up this app in iTunes and download it. This downloads the IPA to your computer.

    • Yeah, by “back up in iTunes” that’s what I meant. Guess I should have been more explicit. I did mention the IPA though.

      • John

        i downloaded the app. Will I be able to back up to my iTunes act on my computer?

      • Marawan

        Can’t you just search it up in the Purchased section of the App Store? Or is this only for apps that are removed by the dev and not pulled by Apple?

    • Mohammed Burn

      if app thinning works so, why can we download them from itunes then

    • Satyam Panchal

      Do you have ipa file I want it plz upload

  • Blip dude

    As much as I would love to download this, I’m just gonna let Apple win this battle. Why?? Because eventually once this app gets pulled, there will be NO updates, which means the app will eventually render somewhat useless once an iOS update happens to cripple it. I’ll just stick to Jailbreaking in this category.

    • Merman123

      This is more geared towards people who have no ability to jailbreak. So yes, a jailbreak method would be optimal if you have a jailbreak.

    • Rob

      There is an ipa floating around out there if you wanted to try it before you buy it.

  • n00b

    If I purchase the app, and then it gets removed, can I redownload it through purchase history?

    • leart

      no, it will be no longer in the history till the app will eventually come back to the store

      • Curt

        I don’t know if Hypedmusic was pulled or not (I do know you can search for it anymore) but it still shows in my purchase history. Not saying you are wrong but that was something I have been curious about.

      • leart

        I’m pretty sure that is in that way, at work we occasionally develop apps and have a developer account just for that, one year ago, we didn’t had work like that and didn’t payed the year subscription and all our apps went out from everything, this year we payed back the account and all apps went online instantly, apple saves all apps in their servers , amazing

    • fasih


  • its not available

    • RayRayBeav

      You’re correct, it is not showing on my iTunes App Store 🙁

  • therealjjohnson

    I was able to download it last night. Works really well. Was able to record snap chat videos. And YouTube content. I’m sure that’s why it was pulled.

  • John

    i was able to purchase, but I am unable to capture screen and voice at the same time? I can capture screen only w/o problem, and voice only w/o problem, but together, does not work as in video. Any ideas/suggestions to solve problem, on 6s.

    • Cranston

      How did you actually make it record? I did everything as said and the status bar just turns blue then that’s it, it did not turn red once and so it could not record anything on my screen 🙁 I have the app but not sure how to make it work as it should

      • John

        Cranston, it took me a few attempts, but the key point not highlighted, don’t press the ‘done’ button on the pop up ‘vidyo ready’. only press this button after recording your screen, etc. go directly to airplay, choose vidyo, record, go back to airplay, end recording, then go back to vidyo app, and press ‘done’. Its a important point that is not highlighted in the article or video, but should be for clarification. Hope this helps.

      • Cranston

        Hi John,
        Thank you for your note. However, I have done it correctly as instructed yet can’t get it to do it. I press start, then done to skip the tutorial, then get out of the app then swipe up to start the airplay then choose vidyo (my iphone) option then swipe down and can see the blue bar pops up. Then I kept waiting and it never turned to a red bar. As I jumped back to the app and pressed done, Nothing was ever captured. I tested my airplay mirroring by using the airserver app to play the tennis game and it worked perfectly, could see my iphone screen on the computer so that is not broken. So I am clueless as to what to do to make this thing work properly

      • John

        I don’t have any other suggestions, maybe you could use another device to record your steps and post to see if somebody else has a solution.

        Have you tried just recording audio only and verify if it functions properly? Test each function individually to determine if they work properly.

      • Cranston

        Thanks John. I will reach out to the dev to ask. Btw, did your status bar changes from blue to red as it was in recording mode? According to Federico from Macstories, he said it turns blue then it means it records but mine didn’t do it either.

      • John

        yes, mine does change from blue to red.

  • Dexter SherloConan

    If “Device Audio” is not selected, then the screen recording will only last for less than 50 seconds (in background).

  • lookHOWMADheis

    it was pulled from the store

    • lookHOWMADheis

      can be found in appcake

  • rainssong

    Airshou kick his ass

    • jeffcard

      Yeah, Airshou is my favorite app to record iPhone screen. But it crash ocassionaly on my iPhone 6. To get better video quality, I used an app call acethinker iphone recorder, worked as well as airshou.

    • Maximilian Opitz

      airshou is bullshit since it can’t record device sound.

  • ronpod

    Does anyone have a copy of this app because I paid $4.99 on the appstore and got a very different app in than in this video…

  • Abafna

    Yes but it stopped working as the trust certificate was removed too.