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Twitter has hired Jeffrey Siminoff away from Apple, TechCrunch discovered on Tuesday. Twitter’s human resources chief Brian Schipper has since confirmed the hire on Twitter, saying that Siminoff will serve as the micro-blogging startup’s new Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, replacing its departing director Janet Van Buysse who spent six years at the company.

According to Siminoff’s LinkedIn profile, he had led global diversity and inclusion efforts at Morgan Stanley for three years before joining Apple as its director of worldwide inclusion and diversity from September 2013 up until now.

Between 1992 and 1999 he served as a Senior Litigation Associate with litigation and advisory firm Riker Danzig Scherer Hyland & Perretti LLP.

  • Morgan Freeman

    This forced diversity stuff is nonsense. Putting people in positions based on their race is the same as excluding them because of their race. Forcing people to be together who wouldn’t under other circumstances is always a bad idea. There is a reason why we all still go off in our own little groups (for living, hanging out, etc.) and that’s because it works better that way, generally. This is all an attempt at reverse racism and to eradicate the straight white man*. The straight white man cannot show in any way that he is proud of being both straight and white, lest he be called a racist and a bigot.

    *Alternatively, it is an attempt to further divide people- people divided are easier to control than people united, and ‘government’ (all of them) can’t have people united… that’s risky business, for if the people actually realize the truth (governments only work for themselves, never for the people; we are cattle to them; we have been brainwashed since birth; etc.) it would be very bad for them, of course.

  • JayV81

    Does Samsung have a diversity director? Does the nation of Korea even care about diversity? Obviously not, only white counties are this stupid.