Springtomize 3 iOS 9 Final

Uber-popular jailbreak tweak Springtomize 3 was provided with a nice little update today. Even though Filippo Bigarella has handed over the development reigns to another developer, the tweak is still receiving new features, which is a great sign for Springtomize fans.

Today’s update, while not containing anything groundbreaking, brings several new niceties to the table. Additions include the ability to display seconds in the status bar, colorize the Lock screen time and date, and more.


One of the brand new features

This latest update brings Springtomize 3 to version 1.4. Here are all of the changes that you can expect to see once the new version is installed on your jailbroken device:

  • Option to set different rows and columns for landscape on SpringBoard (no Dock)
  • Display seconds in status bar
  • Option to hide notification badge text, but keep the badge itself
  • Colorize Lock screen Time/ Date
  • Fix lowercase am/pm time updates

Springtomize 3 version 1.4 is a free update, and is compatible with iOS 7, iOS 8, and most recently, iOS 9. Original developer Filippo Bigarella, who has stepped back from the jailbreak scene, placed most of the tweak’s maintenance and updates on new developer Janosch Hubner. Hubner has been doing a good job with updates, especially the iOS 9 update, which no doubt required a lot of work to ensure compatibility.

  • Andrieux Querido

    Its very buggy. when i turn my phone horizontal the icons disappear.

  • It is very buggy. Will have to try reform and springtomise doesn’t deal well with badges when icons are made smaller.

  • diggitydang

    Is there a way to downgrade to a previous version? I noticed people saying it is buggy. I haven’t done the update yet but I’m just curious.

    • You should be able to downgrade by going to the package in Cydia and “Manage->Downgrade”.

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    Stopped reading at first word. Very sloppy.

  • Charles Rijken

    Downgrade not possible, there is no downgrade option in Cydia for Springtomize. have to wait for a bugfix

  • Charles Rijken

    Deinstalled the official springtomize and installed “non official” springtomize from insaneley search for Springtomize IOS9 (this is version 1.3.0-8)

  • Andrieux Querido

    I have same issue. plus tags are floating.
    iPhone 6s Plus