Infuse 4 for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 002

Infuse 4 for tvOS, the Apple TV edition of the powerful media player for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, was updated last evening in the App Store following its debut on the fourth-generation Apple TV earlier this month.

For starters, the app now claims up to ten times faster metadata fetching (depending on the video type), which should drastically reduce the waiting time when Infuse initially scans a newly added network disk.

Video player improvements

When you start playing a previously watched video, the app will now offer to resume playback or start from the beginning (playback position is synced via During playback, the Siri Remote now acts as it should, meaning you can tap the right or left edge of the Touch surface to skip forward or backward ten seconds.

Infuse 4.0.1 for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 002

With these changes, Infuse acts more like stock Movies and TV Shows apps.

In the poster grid view, double-tapping the Touch surface now quickly takes you back to the top of the view, similar to tapping the iOS status bar in apps like Safari.

Other enhancements

In Settings, you will now see the Infuse Pro badge if you’ve upgraded to the Pro edition, much like in the iOS edition of the app. More importantly, Infuse’s Settings interface has gained a new option to clear your recently-watched list from the device and separate Dolby and DTS passthrough options. Speaking of which, Infuse is fully certified for Dolby Digital Plus (AC3/E-AC3), DTS and DTS-HD audio.

Infuse 4.0.1 for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 001

On the movie or TV show details page, selecting another video from the lower shel will now automatically load details. Previously, you had to press the Touch surface on the Siri Remote to load movie/show details.

Infuse 4 for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 005

Infuse 4.0.1 changelog

Here’s what’s new in Infuse 4.0.1 for tvOS:

  • Much faster metadata fetching (5-10x faster—depending on the video type)
  • Prompt to resume or start from the beginning when playing videos
  • Skip forward/back ten seconds buy tapping right/left edge of touch pad
  • Auto-load details when selecting item from lower shel (on movie/show details page)
  • Double-tap top of touch pad to quickly return to the top of the poster grid view
  • Separate Dolby and DTS passthrough options
  • Fixed issue with selecting share protocol type
  • Added Infuse Pro badging in Settings
  • Folder artwork overriding for TV series
  • Option to clear recently watched list
  • A needful of other minor fixes

In addition to the refreshed Apple TV app, Infuse for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad also received a minor update with stability and performance improvements.

Infuse 4 for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 004

With Infuse, you can play a variety of “foreign” audio and video file types on your Apple TV and iOS devices without manual conversion or a desktop helper app. The app scans folders on your network shares or wireless drives and automatically fetches metadata, turning a bunch of files into a beautiful poster artwork grid.

During playback, Infuse transcodes video formats like MKV, AVI, DIVX and more into an iOS-friendly format directly on the Apple TV hardware without requiring a computer. With automatic subtitle fetching from, Infuse turns the fourth-generation Apple TV into a powerful media center device.

To learn more about Infuse 4 for Apple TV, check out my review.


Infuse 4 for Apple TV is a free upgrade for all current users of Infuse 3 for iOS, itself a freemium download from the App Store.

The app is localized in English, Arabic, Bokmål, Norwegian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and Turkish.

Advanced Infuse features that require a $9.99 In-App Purchase: support for additional video formats and Dolby Digital Plus (AC3/E-AC3), DTS and DTS-HD mobile surround sound, streaming a wider variety of video types over AirPlay and Google Cast, two-way sync of your watched history and playback, and background playback while your iOS device is locked.

Infuse for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is a freemium download in the App Store.

  • Chris Wagers

    I really love infuse and this update makes it even better. This is one purchase I would gladly buy again. Thanks for the heads up.

    • czarczarczar

      How many gigs of memory do you get ? I wanna know how many movies I can add to the app

      • Chris Wagers

        I’m not sure I understand the question. I pointed infuse to a folder on my time capsule where I have some movies stored. I figured the gigs of memory would be only limited by the size of whatever media your storing your movies on. Am I incorrect in my thinking?

      • czarczarczar

        Oh you know what I get it now , it can hold as much media and your phone or Apple TVs memory Size can hold , like I have a 64gb Apple TV 4 so it’s gonna let me put as many movies in infuse until my 64gbs are taken up right ?

      • Chris

        The Apple TV 4 doesn’t allow for offline storage in 3rd-party apps, you need to stream everything to it.

      • Chris Wagers

        Besides the meta data for your movies the movies themselves are stored on your external device. So if you have a terabyte hard drive with movies on it then infuse should handle it No problem Because it’s only storing the meta data on the Apple TV the movies themselves are streaming from your external device as Chris mentioned as well. Hope that helps.

      • czarczarczar

        Thanks so much for the clarification !

      • Chris Wagers

        No problem at all. Glad to help 🙂

  • Mike P

    Plex still is the far better and much more polished option. I have used Infuse on ATV1/2 for years (2007 ish) so I feel loyal to Infuse. However this is a terrible product in comparison to Plex. At least for now

    • TechnoBuff

      I disagree and i think this depends on your requirements, I have used both platforms and infuse performs better than plex for me.
      Plex performs terribly when connected to NAS of all types especially if a low powered one with ARM processor, i cant even use with my Qnap NAS whereas Infuse was flawless.
      also Plex requires a special naming convention for metadata fetching, Infuse fetches data easily and allows you to edit as you deem fit.
      So it all depends on your equipments and needs but in my case Infuse serves me better and the $10 is well spent

      • Mike P

        well a lot of the features that i’m sure infuse will have is currently missing or plex has it and it works superior right now are my main complaints really. I haven’t had any issues with the naming of any of my files for metadata yet. The subtitle download from within infuse is crap so far too btw

      • Mike P

        also to each their own,,, I suppose it should be taken into consideration that I have never used plex until recently and infuse as I had stated in the original post is an app I have used since the ATV 1 was out originally should tell you a lot.

    • Kel Dommage

      Completely disagree. For watching videos, both locally and remote via webdav/ftp, Infuse kicks Plex’s butt. No server needed, no transcoding. Plex does have one ace up it’s sleeve, in that it can stream to multiple platforms – but if you’re all iOS, who cares? iPad, iPhone, aTV4…Infuse works perfectly and is dead simple.

      For people who really want to compare – download the free Infuse app and test it out. And also pay attention to any forum – it’s inevitable that any conversation about Infuse brings out the Plex trolls (you’ll note the article made no mention about it, but they come out of the woodwork to change the conversation to their app. I swear, it’s like a cult..). Anyway – try them both, see what you think…for me, Infuse all the way.

      • TechnoBuff

        Your mention of a plex like cult is just too funny!! LOL
        and on observation you are right actually!

      • Mike P

        this is the first Im using Plex, I will tell you though that Infuse is choppy right now and missing some basics taht make Plex the better atm.

    • yadavhemmady

      I too disagree. Plex needs server side software, which is not required by Infuse. I have used both Plex and Infuse and I am more comfortable with Infuse. However, I understand that likes will be different for each person

      • Mike P

        Well obviously if your needs differentiate from mine that may be true. I actually can make both situations work with my setup and I will be honest infuse just feels like a rush job. That’s ok though as its currently only in is second edition since launch. I bought it out of loyalty but I felt taken advantage of within 5 mins. I’m calm as I know they will fix it with future updates.

    • Luke Brunsmann

      For me, the fact that I don’t need to be running a Plex server on the other end is the winner. Just point to a SMB share on my NAS and away it goes. Nothing else needed.

  • Al

    Now that’s out the way… Can the iPad Pro gets some attention?

  • Kai Engelbrecht

    Well, I’ve a stupid question…
    How can I use this software to show and play MP3 Music? It shows all folders as empty, nothing to play here…

  • Faisal

    I really want Playbox HD app on Apple TV

  • jabohn

    MrMC was released last week, which is based on Kodi, and it gets no mention on the news sites but Plex and Infuse do. MrMC may lack some of the tvOS polish but it’s way more functional than other media players and has way more potential. The current release was done just to get it working and approved by Apple which is an amazing feat if you understand it’s origins in Kodi, and they’re just getting started!

    • TechnoBuff

      I have never heard of MrMC but went ahead to look for it on AppleTV and thus found that it isnt free, which is a bummer for a an unknown platform. Infuse and Plex are free to a certain degree and well known with good performance, unless it offers a version to try for free, i am not sure how this will sell at that price