It looks as if Apple is beginning to roll a feature that will help identify universal apps on the App Store featuring Apple TV compatibility. As first spotted by and picked up by MacRumors, the feature appears to still be in the roll out phase.

Apps with Apple TV support are currently displaying a SF.UniversalAppleTV notation on the app’s Details page in the App Store, but that appears to be a placeholder that will eventually be replaced with a simple “Apple TV”.

Here is a screenshot of Asphalt 8: Airborne’s App Store Details page:


We fully expect the notation to eventually be update to display Apple TV instead of SF.UniversalAppleTV. Right above it, you can see where Apple Watch support is indicated, and we expect the Apple TV notation to look similar to that.

Although some additional polish is obviously in store, it’s good to see that Apple is now displaying this tag in its App Store Details pages. It’ll go a long way towards helping App Store customers make wiser decisions about the apps they choose to purchase.


Update: As you can see from the screenshot above, the labels are now displaying properly.

  • James G


    • Marcus

      I agree. I feel like it should say “tvOS” instead of “SF.UniversalAppleTV”

  • Gabriel

    This means that if I get infuse for one device I will get them on all the others?

    • It just indicates which apps are already universal, doesn’t make them universal by itself.

  • They Say Apple TV now 🙂

  • Innes

    Is there anyway to search for Apple TV apps on the App Store website or App Store within iTunes from my Mac and purchase them so they then appear in my purchased tab on the Apple TV? It would make things less painful searching the app store on a computer rather than the ATV.