If you are a wallpaper fanatic, nothing seems better than having the perfect image to match your favorite iOS devices. Previously, we posted wallpapers that matched the iPhone’s aluminum body colors. In addition to this collection, we are excited to offer wallpapers for matching Apple accessories.

Inside the post you will find some amazing texture and color matching graphic design by iDB regular, Jason Zigrino. He recently posted these Apple Leather Case-inspired wallpapers to his Deviant Art gallery. Navigate past the fold to find direct download links of his latest creation!

Apple Leather Case wallpaper

Black By JasonZigrino

Download Black: iPhone

Brown By JasonZigrino

Download Brown: iPhone

Midnight Blue By JasonZigrino

Download Midnight Blue: iPhone

Product Red By JasonZigrino

Download (PRODUCT)RED: iPhone

Visit last week’s article for more (PRODUCT)RED inspired wallpapers.

Rose Gray By JasonZigrino

Download Rose Gray: iPhone

Saddle Brown By JasonZigrino

Download Saddle Brown: iPhone


Each week, we post a set of wallpapers for the iDB community in the Wallpapers of the Week section. This section is filled with imagery we find across the Internet, Twitter, or is submitted by readers to me via @jim_gresham. If you have, find, or create great wallpapers for iOS devices, make sure to send them my way!

  • leart

    one from me 😛

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      Looks old and good on iOS 6, but this is 2015.

      • leart

        yeah in 2015-2016 i would say is “retro” but for me is still good looking

      • rockdude094

        id day iOS 6 looks newer in comparison to the childish icons of 2015

  • Nice i like the subtle backgrounds that make the icons shine 🙂

  • Eliijah Moss

    Personal setup. I’ll be willing to help people with the iwdgets.

  • angry pandas

    can someone please remove the apple logos from these wallpapers?

    • The Crazy One In The Corner

      Does this work?!