Tweak Count 2 Expert

Have you ever wondered how many jailbreak tweaks you have installed on your jailbroken iPhone at any given time? Of course, you can always open Cydia and manually count how many tweaks you have inside of the Installed tab, but wouldn’t it be better if there was a running tally of installed tweaks provided right within Cydia? That’s the premise behind Tweak Count 2—a free jailbreak tweak that provides you with a real time tally of installed Cydia tweaks.

Tweak Count 2

Once installed, you’ll find a preference panel for Tweak Count inside of the stock Settings app. Inside of the preferences, you can enable or disable the tweak, choose to count all packages (including tweak dependencies), change the verbiage in the navigation bar and footer, and enable a more subtle grey color for the tweak count readout.

Along with the packages count that resides in the upper right-hand corner of Cydia’s Installed tab, you’ll also be able to see a package number readout at the bottom of the same tab.

Tweak Count 2 Cydia

If you use a lot of tweaks and are curious as to how many are actually installed at any given time, then Tweak Count 2 is up to the task of providing you with an accurate report.

What do you think about Tweak Count? Do you run enough simultaneous jailbreak tweaks to derive value from such a release?

  • Alex Graham

    Great article Jeff!

  • The Guy

    Tweak count has been around for about a year… this is the second version… this guy is behind on tweaks, lol. Why show this old stuff????

    • Lots of people dont know about the old tweaks

      • Jayy

        Exactly, I’m not new to jailbreaking. Been jailbreaking all my idevices since 2010 starting with the iPod touch 4th gen, and even this is my first time hearing about this tweak!

      • The Guy

        This is not a site to discover old tweaks, it’s about showcasing new ones. If you to see old tweaks look back in the sites history.

      • do you want me to back in the site history till 2010

      • The Guy

        You’re catching on.

    • Favna

      A year is overdoing it. Surely this tweak couldn’t exist before Cydia went from Root to Mobile…?

      • The Guy

        yeah, I was exaggerating about the time but this is old, this guy needs to do more research and note that this has been around for awhile. There is a reason it has a 2 behind it and he doesn’t even realize it.

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        iDownloadblog moved away from tweaks for a long time and now they are finally moving back.


  • Lordrootman

    CYDIA don’t install safe mode automatic like it use to be so new jailbreakers watch out and do it manually

    • Favna

      No safe mode here….

  • Favna

    Installed it… but now i’m too afraid to check the number lmao

    … ok i just checked… rip me… it says 74

    • Jayy

      I’m at 51, I honestly thought I’d have about the same number as you. Guess not! Haha

      • Favna

        Well if it uses the same number as dylib packages that iCleaner displays then it stands to reason … -lookin at you Anemone with 7 dylibs-

      • Jayy

        I also use Anemone, but I only have two themes downloaded.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    What does this tweak actually count as a “tweak”? Only addons that are loaded into Substrate or every package installed in Cydia?